Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Benefits Help Struggling Families

Many unemployed people in Wyoming and throughout the country are struggling to make ends meet. The daily grind to find a new job and meet basic living expenses can take its toll. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is available to help its citizens through this difficult phase of the economy. Individuals who lose their job may apply for unemployment compensation benefits. This is a compensation program to build a financial bridge for unemployed workers.

Filing an Initial Claim for Unemployment in Wyoming

Individuals may file an initial unemployment claim via the Internet or telephone through the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. The website for filing a claim for unemployment benefits is the UI Internet Services System located at https://doe.state.wy.us.InetClaims/. Individuals who live in Wyoming can contact unemployment claims center at 303-473-3789. A toll free number, 866-729-7799, is available for those who live outside Wyoming.

A user account is required to complete the online claims application. By selecting the New User button on the website, individuals are redirected to the Wyoming Online Services page. Once this account is established, individuals can access other functions on this site related to unemployment benefits.

Qualifications for Wyoming Unemployment Claims

Individuals who want to receive compensation for unemployment from Wyoming must meet general program guidelines. To qualify for unemployment compensation, individuals must have worked for a period of 12 to 18 months in Wyoming.

Additionally, individuals must meet the minimum earnings requirements during this period. Approval and continuation of unemployment benefits is contingent upon individuals’ availability and ability to work.

Receiving Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Benefits

In March 2011, Wyoming offered the ability to make changes to unemployment insurance payment methods. Anyone who is approved for unemployment compensation benefits could receive payments through direct deposit or a paper check.

Now, individuals who initially requested direct deposit may switch to a paper check and vice versa. Individuals complete, sign and mail a Change Payment Method form to Wyoming’s Unemployment Insurance Division.

Another change is for individuals who claims unemployment benefits and receives a paper check. Through a partnership with U.S. Bank, individuals may receive unemployment benefits on debit cards. This program is meant to offer better service for individuals to receive their benefits sooner.

By eliminating the wait time for receiving a check in the mail, individuals will be able to meet financial obligations sooner. The new debit card system allows individuals to make bill payments and other purchases online.

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