File and Collect Wyoming Unemployment

For Americans who are out of work, the nation’s job market has been less than welcoming in recent months. The economic forecast is gloomy at best, causing many unemployed Wyoming residents to wonder how long they will have to wait before their families will have financial stability once again.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services offers some solutions for the unemployed. Residents who qualify can file for temporary unemployment insurance payments through the agency, allowing many to receive regular benefits while they are looking for jobs. Your initial unemployment filing can be handled either over the internet or by telephone.

The department’s website offers simple instructions about how to collect unemployment benefits at https://doe.state.wy.us/InetClaims/. If it is your first time claiming benefits, you will be asked to click the “New User” link to set up an online services user account. For future visits, you will be directed to the “Returning User” link. Incomplete applications can be saved until 11:59 p.m. on Saturdays, when old requests are cleared from the online system.

Filing unemployment claims also can be accomplished by contacting the Wyoming Claims Center at 307- 473-3789, or the department’s toll-free number at 866-729-7799. You can file unemployment claims in either English or Spanish using the center’s Interactive Voice Response System.

After filing for unemployment the first time, you must continue to submit claims for benefits every two weeks. You can do this either through the agency’s website or by calling the telephone claims center. You will need to use the four-digit PIN issued when you filed your original claim.

Wyoming’s Unemployment Insurance Division recommends that you have your paperwork available before attempting to file a biweekly claim. In addition to knowing your social security number, you should know your total work hours and vacation, sick or severance pay details for the filing weeks.

For those who prefer not to use the website or the call center, bi-weekly claims also can be mailed to: Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Division, P. O. Box 2468, Casper, WY 82602. Forms also can be sent by FAX to 307-473-3726. Sign the pay order and respond to all questions before mailing the forms.

Jobless residents can choose to collect unemployment payments either by check or by debit card. Payments are added to your card within two or three days of when you are judged to be eligible for benefits. If you choose to receive a check, that payment also is typically mailed in the same week that you filed unemployment claims.

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