Apply and Receive Wyoming Unemployment

In today's U.S. economy, many families are struggling financially, and the unemployment rate is relatively high. Across the nation, the United States government has designated unemployment agencies that assist people who are unemployed for reasons beyond their control. One such agency is the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. The agency serves the unemployed in Wyoming by helping them claim unemployment insurance, search for work and continue their education and training.

Apply for Unemployment

If you wish to file an application for unemployment in Wyoming, you should visit the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services website at https://doe.state.wy.us/InetClaims/. On the application page, you must set up a new user account by selecting a user name and password. You must enter this user name and password each time you log in. After you have established a new user name and password, gather the following information before you begin your unemployment application:

  • Your social security number
  • Your name, contact phone number and mailing address
  • The names, phone numbers and addresses of all your places of employment for the past 18 months
  • Your driver's license number
  • The beginning and ending dates of any employment you have held in the past 18 months
  • The reasons you separated from each position you held in the past 18 months (ex. laid-off, quit, etc.)
  • Alien registration number, if applicable
  • Form DD214, if applicable

Once you have compiled the above information, you are ready to begin your unemployment application. The application is easy to complete. Most of the questions are related to your employment history. If you have questions about unemployment benefits, visit the FAQ page of the website. If your questions are not answered there, then call customer service at (307) 473-3789.

After you have completed your application, the department will contact you if further information is needed, and you will receive notification via mail when your claim is processed. If you are deemed eligible for benefits, the notification letter will inform you of any job search requirements or other mandatory stipulations you should adhere to.

How to Claim Weekly Benefits

Receiving unemployment benefits is simple. For each week that you remain unemployed, logon to the Department of Workforce Services website and re-certify for benefits. The re-certification process only requires that you answer a few questions regarding your job search and work status.

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