Wisconsin Weekly Unemployment Application

Unemployed workers in Wisconsin must apply for weekly unemployment benefits. Failure to reapply within 14 days results in the closure of the claim and denial of future unemployment insurance benefits until a new application has been submitted. The weekly claim for unemployment in Wisconsin can be processed online or over the telephone.

Wisconsin unemployment weekly claims work in arrears. Claims periods run Sunday through Saturday, and the weekly unemployment claim should be filed after the week is over. The claims system is not available 24/7. Claims must be filed during the following times: Sunday 9:00am to midnight, Monday through Friday 1:00am to midnight, and Saturday 1:00am to 3:00pm.

Wisconsin workers can claim weekly unemployment at http://unemployment.wisconsin.gov or by calling one of the local or toll-free unemployment weekly claim hotlines. Madison residents can dial (608) 261-9990, Milwaukee residents can call (414) 438-5395, and anyone outside those local calling areas can phone (800) 978-7887. Until a confirmation message is given, the claim is not submitted. If an applicant makes a mistake before this message, he/she can just hang up and call back. The incomplete weekly claim for unemployment will be deleted.

Applicants may be disqualified from being paid for a Wisconsin unemployment weekly claim for a number of reasons. Applicants who fail to search for work from at least two potential employers, refuse work, are unavailable to work, or are employed for a certain number of hours per week may be ineligible for benefits payments. The online and automated telephone systems ask questions related to these topics during each weekly claim for unemployment.

At times the Wisconsin unemployment office may need additional details to verify a weekly unemployment claim. If an applicant receives a special notice from the automated system, he/she must contact a claims specialist in order to receive a Wisconsin unemployment weekly check. Claims specialists are only available during the business week, Monday through Friday 7:45am to 4:30pm.

Benefits are generally paid within one week of the date when a weekly unemployment application is accepted. The state of Wisconsin mails paper checks unless the claimant has filed a direct deposit authorization for payment to a checking or savings account.

When a person no longer wants to claim weekly unemployment, no additional action is necessary. If a claim is not received within the designated time period, the case is closed automatically. The worker must reapply to start Wisconsin unemployment weekly again.

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