Filing for Unemployment Online in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's unemployment service online is easy to navigate, and using Wisconsin's unemployment services online is quicker and easier than previous systems. Online unemployment filing need not be overwhelming. Online unemployment filing can not only speed up your claim, unemployment services online are more efficient.

When filing your claim at http:/unemployment.wisconsin.gov you will need to have some information handy. You will need to know your Social Security number, your Wisconsin driver's license number (if you have one), your employers' mailing addresses, the dates you worked in the past 18 months or since the last time you claimed, and your Personal Identification Number. Be sure to use the same PIN when filing online if you have previously used a PIN with the telephone system.

Filing an initial claim application for unemployment online is the beginning of the process required to receive unemployment benefits. Most often an claim will start as of the week a completed application for benefits is filed. At the end of your application you will have the opportunity to review your answers and to print a copy of your claim. In order for your claim to be complete you must submit your application and be provided with a tracking number indicating that your claim has been accepted. Your unemployment claim online is incomplete if you do not receive a tracking number.

Due to certain types of employment or answers that require further information from you, not all claims can be completed for unemployment online. Most of the application process, however, can be completed on the Internet prior to contacting a claims specialist. Completing as much as possible of the application for unemployment online will speed up the process once you have contacted a claims specialist. Telephone numbers and hours of operation are provided at the end of the application.

Should you be unable to finish your online unemployment claim in one session, simply click the "Stop Claim" button and your answers will be saved from all finished pages. When resuming your online unemployment application you will be given the opportunity to review your answers and make any needed changes. Once your online unemployment claim has been completed and approved, you will begin receiving payments. It may take a few days to reach a claims specialist because of the large number of current applicants.

Wisconsin's unemployment service online is designed to make online unemployment filing as accurate, and simple as possible. By following these steps you should be able to complete your claim with the unemployment service online with no difficulty.

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