Benefits of Filing for Wisconsin Unemployment

Unfortunately, unemployment in the United States is higher than it has ever been since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans find themselves out of work for no reason of their own, and unable to find a new job due to the high levels of competition for available jobs. Fortunately, there are resources for these people to help them through the difficult period of unemployment so they can continue to pay their bills and meet their obligations, such as filing for unemployment benefits.

What Is Unemployment?

Unemployment benefits are paid to individuals that can provide proof of previous employment and termination. Every worker who pays taxes pays into unemployment insurance, making them eligible to receive benefits. This money is given to the individual and is meant to help people when they lose their job. This money can be used to pay bills or help find a new job, as long as the recipient continues to seek full time work.

Filing For Unemployment

To collect unemployment insurance in Wisconsin, the individual should first consult the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. This website has information about how to collect benefits as well as other requirements and frequently asked questions. Individuals can apply for benefits on the website, as well as apply for extended benefits and file weekly claims. Typically Wisconsin can issue a benefit check within two weeks a person filing for unemployment benefits, assuming there are no eligibility questions. Once a weekly claim has been received, a benefit check will be issued within seven days. As to how to collect benefits, recipients have the option to receive a paper check by mail, or register for direct deposit. Most weekly claims can be filed for online, though occasionally a phone call may be required to receive a benefit check for the week.

Benefits You Can Expect From Wisconsin After Filing For Unemployment

What kind of benefits you can expect from the state of Wisconsin? The amount of an unemployment benefits check will vary based on a number of factors Generally, previous earnings are the most important factor, but it is unlikely that a weekly benefit check will equal the amount of the previous paycheck. The other factor that determines the benefits you can expect from Wisconsin is if you have worked that week. Having a part-time job does not preclude a person from receiving benefits, but it may alter the amount of the weekly check.

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