Apply and Receive Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits

If you are unemployed in the state of Wisconsin through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to receive unemployment benefits as paid in by your employer. Your unemployment application can be filed online, or you can file your claim weekly at your local unemployment office. You must sign up with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's jobs board online as well, and be actively searching for a job. Those receiving unemployment benefits for the first time can be expected to wait two to three weeks to begin receiving payments. This is why it's important to turn in your application for unemployment benefits as soon as possible after being laid off.

Certain individuals may not qualify to receive unemployment in Wisconsin. This includes people who have been terminated for misconduct, as well as those who turn down a reasonable offer of employment. A reasonable offer of employment includes a job position similar to the one held before, or a job which pays a salary equal to or better than the individual's previous job. Those receiving benefits can be expected to list three or more companies with whom they have applied for work, including this information with their weekly claim.

Your unemployment application will be rejected if it contains false information, or if you have been determined to be unemployed due to your own doing. This includes voluntary resignation, termination due to misconduct, including insubordination, destruction of company property, stealing, or other violation of company policy. You can also be disqualified if you turn down a job offer on a similar shift as your last one, if you turn down a callback from the employer who laid you off, or if you apply for unemployment under false pretenses. Your application for unemployment will be reviewed by local officials working on behalf of the state of Wisconsin, and they will make the determination of your eligibility.

Getting approval for receiving unemployment benefits should not be a problem if you are truly eligible, as most applicants are. If you have questions related to your claim, they can be sent via email to your local unemployment office. Depending on the current workload and number of claims, it may take a few days to receive a response. You can apply for unemployment again in the future if you are laid off more than once, and the amount you receive will depend on your length of employment and the amount that has been set aside for unemployment benefits on your behalf.

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