To begin the process, you first will need to file an initial claim to receive unemployment compensation in Wisconsin. You need to file an application for weekly unemployment claims. In order to file for compensation for unemployment, you will need your social security number, Wisconsin driver’s license and a personal identification number. If no driver’s license, you still need your social security number and a personal PIN. This will be a 4-digit pin number. You can set this up online when applying. You will be asked for the names of your employers and a mailing address of each employer. You will also need the last dates you have worked. This will be in the past 18 months that you have been working. The unemployment contact information to file a claim for unemployment is: ucclaim-wi.org/InternetInitialClaims/

Here you can begin your claim for unemployment. You will also find other information for weekly unemployment claims that must be filed.

If you can start your application for a unemployment online, then you can speed up this process before talking to a claim specialist.

Apply and Receive Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits

If you are unemployed in the state of Wisconsin through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to receive unemployment benefits as paid in by your employer. Your unemployment application can be filed online, or you can file your claim weekly at your local unemployment office. You must sign up with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's jobs board online as well, and be actively searching for a job.

Benefits of Filing for Wisconsin Unemployment

Unfortunately, unemployment in the United States is higher than it has ever been since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans find themselves out of work for no reason of their own, and unable to find a new job due to the high levels of competition for available jobs. Fortunately, there are resources for these people to help them through the difficult period of unemployment so they can continue to pay their bills and meet their obligations, such as filing for unemployment benefits.

Filing for Unemployment Online in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's unemployment service online is easy to navigate, and using Wisconsin's unemployment services online is quicker and easier than previous systems. Online unemployment filing need not be overwhelming. Online unemployment filing can not only speed up your claim, unemployment services online are more efficient.

Wisconsin Unemployment Agency Contact Information

First time applicants for Wisconsin unemployment benefits must apply by calling the local unemployment office or completing an online questionnaire. Applicants cannot use the unemployment agency email address. The Wisconsin department of unemployment offers several telephone numbers for touch-tone phones:

Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Many individuals and families have hit hard times in this economy. You may find yourself looking for some unemployment compensation. Are you looking to file a claim for unemployment in Wisconsin? You are not alone.

You need to know you cannot just go to the Wisconsin Unemployment Office and explain your job loss. Other than being laid off from your last job, you will be contacted for a fact-finding interview that is usually over the phone. It could take a little while. It might be up to 21 days before you are contacted. You should receive a phone call, letter or an interview notice.

Wisconsin Weekly Unemployment Application

Unemployed workers in Wisconsin must apply for weekly unemployment benefits. Failure to reapply within 14 days results in the closure of the claim and denial of future unemployment insurance benefits until a new application has been submitted. The weekly claim for unemployment in Wisconsin can be processed online or over the telephone.