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West Virginia Unemployment Benefits Offer Safety Net

At a time when America faces a gloomy economic forecast, West Virginians continue to hope for the financial security provided by a stable work force. Although the unemployment rate in the Mountain State remains lower than the national average, many residents have lost their old jobs or are struggling to find new ones.

If you are facing an employment crisis, it is important to file an application for unemployment benefits. The safety net provided through this federal program can help you to pay your bills and provide your family with necessities during your time of need.

To apply for unemployment compensation, West Virginia residents can visit one of 18 claims office located across the state. It is important to file as soon as possible after losing your job to avoid losing credit for some benefits. Claims offices are open from Monday through Friday, except on official holidays. To find an address and office hours for the location nearest you, visit the Work Force West Virginia website at: www.wvcommerce.org/business/workforcewv/unemployment_compensation/locations.

When you file your unemployment application, you will need to bring both your social security card and a photo identification card such as a driver’s license. Immigrants who are applying for benefits should bring paperwork to document their work status. Former military should have their DD Form 214 to verify separation from the armed services. In addition, every applicant must be able to list the names and mailing addresses of their employers during the previous 18 months. You will need to provide the dates of employment and the reason you left.

Once you’ve filed your first benefits claim, you must file a claim every two weeks while you are unemployed in order to continue receiving unemployment payments. You will have to file your first weekly claim in person. However, you may file later claims on the internet at http://www.wvuc.org/ or by calling toll-free at 1-800-379-1032). You also can choose to file by mail or by delivering your form to your local claims office. Whatever method you select, be sure to meet the required deadlines or you could be denied benefits.

Receiving unemployment benefits typically takes about three weeks from the date you file your first claim for payment. If you are fortunate enough to find full-time work, you will no longer be eligible to claim unemployment benefits. If you lose your job again, be sure to return to the claims office as soon as possible to restart your benefits without delay.

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