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West Virginia Online Unemployment

Do you find it increasingly harder to maintain financial and emotional security after losing your job? You are not alone. Many are still struggling in this slow economy. But did you know there are unemployment services online? You can file for unemployment online and save some gas.

To begin go to the unemployment service online. The first time you file for online unemployment, you must go here http://www.wvcommerce.org/App_Media/assets/doc/businessandworkforce/workforcewv/unemploymentcompensation/CD-1.pdf You can download the initial claim form for coverage and fill it out. You must take the completed form in person to the unemployment office nearest you. You can also find a listing here of those offices closest to you to take the form too. New applicants are taken in groups. It will take about an hour to begin the process of filing at your local office.

You can find frequently asked questions about how to apply, where to apply and various documents you will need for online unemployment filing at


A base period will be established. You need to have earned at least $2,200 through and employer who covered you, to be eligible for your online unemployment benefits. You may also be able to earn up to $60 per week in some type of wages and still qualify for all of your weekly benefit. It takes about three weeks to get your first check if you are qualified.

If you have worked in West Virginia within the last 18 months but have moved out of state, you can file by calling the toll free number 1-800-379-1032. Once you call, follow the directions to file your new claim. You can also do your unemployment filing online by visiting http://www.wvuc.org/ and follow the directions given there. Like most other states, you will need your social security number; employers of the last 18 months and then you'll decide a 4-digit PIN number to access the system.

West Virginia offers regular unemployment and low earnings unemployment benefits. You may qualify for low earnings unemployment online if still employed. You need to be a full time employee of a company and still employed. You could qualify for low earnings unemployment due to lack of work with the company. This was beyond your control. Your employer can issue this report for you if your hours are reduced.

Armed with this information, you may begin the process of using the unemployment service online. Get the help you need today.

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