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File and Collect West Virginia Unemployment

In these times of struggling economy it may be hard for a person to stay afloat if he or she becomes unemployed in the state of West Virginia. Jobs are difficult to find and without a steady income, people could lose their homes and other important property. One thing that a hard-working man or woman can do if he or she has recently lost his or her job is to file for unemployment. Unemployment will provide compensation for a limited number of weeks for a worker who has been displaced through no fault of his or her own.

In order to collect unemployment in West Virginia, a person must first file a claim. Claim forms can be downloaded from the internet or they can be filled out at the nearest West Virginia unemployment office. They may file by telephone using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system 1-800-379-1032, or by the Internet at www.wvuc.org. The office for Bridgeport, West Virginia residents is at 16 Sterling Drive Bridgeport, WV 26630. More information can be found at the following web page: https://www.wvuc.org/WVWeb/Welcome.aspx

If the applicant is filing in person, he or she will need to bring along a social security card, photographic identification, and a list of the names and addresses of all employers for the past eighteen months. This will help speed up processing of the claim. Processing generally takes three weeks to be completed.

The department will review the applicant's income to establish financial eligibility. They will look at the applicant's past twelve months of income preceding termination. The applicant will be found ineligible if he or she received less than $2,200 within the past 12 months before the claim. If he or she is found to be eligible to receive benefits the amount will be between $24 and $424 per week.

The reason for termination will also be examined during the processing period. An applicant who was fired for any kind of misconduct may not be eligible to collect unemployment. When filing unemployment, this question will be asked, but the department will also contact the employer to verify what happened.

People who quit their jobs may not qualify to file unemployment unless they quit under extreme circumstances such as personal illness or some kind of harassment by the employer.

After all data is collected and phone calls have been made, the applicant will receive a notice of eligibility status about three weeks after he or she completed unemployment filing. If everything goes well he or she will be financially secure at least until another job is found.

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