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To apply for unemployment compensation, West Virginia residents can visit one of 18 claims office located across the state. It is important to file as soon as possible after losing your job to avoid losing credit for some benefits. Claims offices are open from Monday through Friday, except on official holidays. To find an address and office hours for the location nearest you, visit the Work Force West Virginia website at: wvcommerce.org/business/.

When you file your unemployment application, you will need to bring both your social security card and a photo identification card such as a driver’s license. Immigrants who are applying for benefits should bring paperwork to document their work status. Former military should have their DD Form 214 to verify separation from the armed services. In addition, every applicant must be able to list the names and mailing addresses of their employers during the previous 18 months. You will need to provide the dates of employment and the reason you left.

West Virginia Unemployment Insurance Benefits

As the economy continues to show little to no signs of improvement, it can be a real struggle to find any kind of employment, much less a job that replaces your former income. Without a regular paycheck, it can take a toll on your financial and emotional security. Fortunately, there's help to be found in the form of West Virginia unemployment compensation.

West Virginia Online Unemployment

Do you find it increasingly harder to maintain financial and emotional security after losing your job? You are not alone. Many are still struggling in this slow economy. But did you know there are unemployment services online? You can file for unemployment online and save some gas.

File and Collect West Virginia Unemployment

In these times of struggling economy it may be hard for a person to stay afloat if he or she becomes unemployed in the state of West Virginia. Jobs are difficult to find and without a steady income, people could lose their homes and other important property. One thing that a hard-working man or woman can do if he or she has recently lost his or her job is to file for unemployment. Unemployment will provide compensation for a limited number of weeks for a worker who has been displaced through no fault of his or her own.

Benefits of Filing for West Virginia Unemployment

Some of the benefits that you can expect from filing for West Virginia unemployment, especially for those people that are unfortunate enough to have to claim weekly unemployment in the state of West Virginia because of an emergency situation job loss or you are not able to find as much work as you would like are:

West Virginia Unemployment Services Offer Easy Access

Losing a job is one of life’s most challenging experiences, and the dreary economic predictions we hear on the nightly news can make any of us feel anxious about our future financial security.

Fortunately, West Virginia makes it easy for jobless residents to get answers to all of their questions about unemployment benefits and job opportunities. The state offers trouble-free access to the department of unemployment through its internet website or at local offices throughout the Mountain State.

West Virginia Unemployment Application

Losing your job and finding yourself unemployed can be a rather stressful time particularly today when an uncertain economy and rising prices are the norm. Fortunately in the US, unemployed workers may be eligible to receive monetary benefits on a temporary basis. In the state of West Virginia, the minimum weekly unemployment amount is currently $24 while the maximum is $424 per week.

To collect unemployment weekly in West Virginia you must be unemployed through no fault of your own or be able to prove why you were forced to leave your position.

West Virginia Unemployment Benefits Offer Safety Net

At a time when America faces a gloomy economic forecast, West Virginians continue to hope for the financial security provided by a stable work force. Although the unemployment rate in the Mountain State remains lower than the national average, many residents have lost their old jobs or are struggling to find new ones.

If you are facing an employment crisis, it is important to file an application for unemployment benefits. The safety net provided through this federal program can help you to pay your bills and provide your family with necessities during your time of need.

West Virginia Extended Unemployment

With a stagnant economy that continues to create very few jobs, it can be difficult for people to find employment. Without any income, it can be hard to have any financial security, which can take a toll on the emotional well-being of you and your family. The purpose of unemployment insurance is to help people replace part of their income while they look for their next work opportunity; however, the economy has been stagnant for so long that some people now need an extension of their West Virginia unemployment benefits.

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