Washington Weekly Unemployment Application

In the state of Washington, receiving unemployment insurance benefits is not an automatic process. Instead, all participants in the program must submit a weekly claim for unemployment in order to receive a check. If the weekly unemployment claim is not received, the Washington Employment Security department assumes that the individual found employment. The claimant must then begin the application process over again order to restart benefits.

Initial Unemployment Application

To be eligible for weekly unemployment claims, individuals must have a minimum of 680 hours of covered employment during the base year, have worked in the state of Washington, and receive an eligibility decision about the reason for separating from work. Other conditions apply.

Getting Unemployment Weekly

To claim weekly unemployment, an individual must have made an active work search during the previous week and must have been physically able and available to work. The claim begins with a call to the Washington unemployment office and goes through the following steps:

  • Call for unemployment weekly at 800-318-6022. Calls must be received between 12:01 am Sunday to 5:00 pm on the last business day of the week.
  • Enter personal verification information into the automated telephone system.
  • Answer questions about weekly unemployment eligibility, including employer contacts, work refusals, and additional compensation.
  • Remain on the line until the system states, "Your unemployment weekly claim has been accepted."

All claimants who have questions while filing a weekly claim for unemployment or who need to provide additional details to the unemployment office can speak with a claims specialist Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Alternatives for an Unemployment Weekly Claim

Phone: The automated telephone system provides fast responses to a weekly unemployment claim at any time of day. Claimants can use a touch-tone or rotary phone, and they can speak their answers or press corresponding keys.

Web: Participants can also claim weekly unemployment benefits online through Washington's unemployment website. The questions for the telephone system and the web-based system are the same.

TTY: Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speak-impaired claimants must call 800-365-8969 to take advantage of a TTY device. Responses must be typed into the touch-tone telephone keypad, not the TTY device.

After a weekly unemployment application is approved, money can be direct deposited into a person's checking account. The Washington Employment Security department mails paper checks until the bank has verified account information or if the claimant has opted not to receive electronically transferred funds.

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