Extended Washington Unemployment

The employment security department of Washington State defines extended unemployment as the additional benefits that are allocated to an individual after their original unemployment period is done.

In the state of Washington, the eligibility for unemployment lasts around 52 weeks. In that time, the person is not eligible for extended unemployment. Once the 52 weeks have ended, the person can apply for extended benefits. Once a person's unemployment is out and it extended unemployment eligibility funds are open in the fiscal year, then a worker can apply for extended benefits.

Extended unemployment only lasts for 20 weeks. This is because this funding is only available through the state. The state aid for workers is much smaller than federal plus state unemployment compensation. Hence, the state cannot allocate the same amount of funds to help every possible unemployed person in the state of Washington. A person is eligible for extended unemployment only when the Washington unemployment offices mails eligible candidates an application. Extended benefits cannot be applied for online at all. If a worker feels like they should be eligible, they can contact the Olympia office at 1-877-558-8509.

Once a person has the extended benefits application, they must fill it out as accurately as possible. The unemployment office will process this application and give a prompt decision. If the person is rejected, there may be a number of reasons why they are not eligible. One is if the extended benefits period has not begun yet in the state. A second reason may be that the total wages from the unemployment period is less than 40 times the amount one could get with extended benefits. Another reason may be because the total wages from the unemployment period is less than 1.5 times what the person's high quarter based earnings are. Also, if a person has eligibility for unemployment under the federal unemployment program, they do not qualify for extended unemployment. Finally, extended unemployment eligibility depends on the beneficiary filing their original unemployment claim in Washington.

Extended benefits, at the very least, will pay a person 20 percent of their average previous pay or 80 percent of their maximum regular pay. Once a person is in the system, they will receive a full document explaining how much they will be given each week for the next 20 weeks. Under the plan, the person must call or use the internet each week to contact their local Washington unemployment office concerning their current status.

All applications or appeals need to be sent to the state extended benefits office. The address is:

Extended Benefits Unit

P.O. Box 9046

Olympia, WA 98507

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