Virginia Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you are unemployed in the state of Virginia, there are options to file a claim. You can reach the Virginia unemployment service online or by phone. Either way, there is someone who can help you get Virginia Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

If you lose a job, it is easy to despair in this economy but there is some help for those who have been displaced for purely economic reasons. Generally unemployment is available for those who lost their jobs to lay-offs, downsizing or business closings.

Virginia’s online unemployment website is part of the Virginia Employment Commission’s area of responsibility. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at The VEC's unemployment service primarily provides benefits but it also offers help with job searches. The website contains tips and help for job seekers and links to other job help sites.

When applying for unemployment services, Virginia residents need to prove their residency status. If you do not meet residency requirements, the VEC has a link to your state’s unemployment services.

Virginia unemployment online services require a social security number as proof of U.S. citizenship. For legal immigrants, you will need an alien registration number. Every applicant must provide 18 months worth of work history, phone numbers and company names. The VEC cautions online unemployment applicants to be sure that their information is thorough and complete before filing. You can save your application while you find this information. This is one reason that most people prefer filing for Virginia unemployment online.

If you are a union member, be prepared to give your labor union’s address and identifying information.

For online unemployment payments, the VEC will need your checking account number and routing number. The other option is a Virginia-issued debit card. Either way, once you are approved, the VEC will make weekly deposits.

To maintain your unemployment claim, you will need to call each week and confirm that you are job-hunting. To make weekly unemployment claims, claimants call this toll free number: 1-800-897-5630.

If you do are not successful with online unemployment services or you simply prefer not to file for Virginia unemployment online, you can call 1-866-832-2363. Again, you will need your personal information and work history.

If you are denied benefits or your residency is questions, you can appeal with the VEC. For more information, call or visit their online unemployment service.


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