Online Virginia Unemployment Services

If you have lost your job and live in Virginia, the Virginia unemployment service online makes the process fairly simple. You will want to gather the following materials before filing for Virginia unemployment services online.

  • Your social security number and all personal information
  • The contact information for all employers (up to 18 months)
  • Your labor union information (if applicable)
  • Your Alien Registration Number (if applicable)
  • Any Information in Writing That Explains Your Job Loss
  • Your personal checking account information and bank routing number

The Virginia Employment Commission oversees unemployment online services. The VEC is the final authority over whether your claim is valid. Also, it will provide Virginia online unemployment services such as job searches and resume assistance. The website address is

Usually a claim is valid if the job is lost to business closure, layoff or other economic problem out of a worker's control. Sometimes it is not clear, and that is why there is an appeals process if you are denied. Furthermore, the VEC website can help you find out where to file if you do not meet Virginia residency requirements. If you aren't eligible in Virginia, you may be able to find online unemployment services for your state.

Once you have filed with the Virginia unemployment service online, you will be expected to actively hunt for a new job. Each week, you must call 1-800-897-5630 to update your status and request your weekly check.

If you cannot understand how use to Virginia online unemployment services, you can call toll free at 1-866-832-2363. For those who are hearing impaired or deaf, you can call 1-800-828-1120 for either TTY (Text Telephone) or TDD (Telecommunications for the Deaf ).

However, before calling, it is strongly recommended that you read everything on the Virginia online unemployment website. Virginia’s online unemployment information covers many common questions and concerns.

Unlike the phone numbers, Virginia unemployment services online are available seven days a week. Online, the benefits claim takes about 45 minutes. If you have questions, you can use Virginia’s online unemployment information to help you. If you need to find paperwork, you can save your claim and fill in the new information later. If you have lost your job in Virginia, don’t despair. Virginia unemployment online can help you find out your options.


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