File and Collect Virginia Unemployment

As the economy has floundered, Virginians from the southwest mountains to the eastern seaboard have suffered job losses and lay-offs. Those filing for unemployment will find that the process requires a small time investment before you can collect unemployment benefits. However, do not wait to file unemployment. The sooner you file, the sooner you may benefit.

How to Collect Unemployment in Virginia

In order to collect unemployment in Virginia, you must be a Virginia resident. You must be a United States citizen or have an alien registration number. You must have worked in Virginia. If you do not have legal standing to work (U.S. citizenship or legal status) you are ineligible. If you live in Virginia but are a resident of another state, you should file for unemployment in that state.

To find out your status, contact the Virginia Employment Commission at The website has information that can assist you as you file for unemployment.

How to Collect Unemployment: Reason for Dismissal

If you are filing for unemployment, you are probably aware that dismissal must be for economic reasons.

Successful unemployment filings are made by persons who have been the victim of such things as corporate downsizing, factory or business closures, and layoffs. It is not worth filing unemployment claims if you were fired, unless you can prove that your firing actually was done for economic reasons and not personal ones. There is an appeals process for those whose unemployment filing is denied.

How to Collect Unemployment: Checking Or Debit Card

Each person to file unemployment must choose the method of receiving payments. A debit card can be issued and the money added weekly to that. If you have a checking account, you can provide the account number and the bank routing number. Both of these numbers appear on your personal check. However, never provide this information in an email. The VEC uses a secure form for this information to be delivered online.

Filing Unemployment: A Successful Claim

Once your unemployment filing has been approved, you will receive a weekly benefit. You must check in with the VEC each week to prove your job seeking regularly. This is how you maintain and collect unemployment benefits.



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