Vermont Online Unemployment

Unemployment insurance in Vermont is important for those who have lost their jobs and financial peace in this uncertain economy. The Vermont state web site has made it easy for first time unemployment recipients to set up an account and file their unemployment claim online. Unemployment services online for Vermont residents can be found at:

It is important for those who have been hit with a layoff or other job termination that was a result of circumstances beyond their control to sign up with this unemployment service online, after which it may take up to three weeks to start receiving payments. Once set up, you can file your claim weekly, and the amount you receive each week will be the amount that was paid into unemployment on your behalf, averaged over a period of twenty-six weeks. Each week when you file for unemployment online, you will be asked to list up to three companies or individuals with whom you have filed an application for employment, showing an active participation in the job search process, and you may be required to sign up with Vermont's job search agent at

Those eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of Vermont will be people who are able and willing to work, have been terminated or laid off from a job due to downsizing or through no fault of their own, and those who have sufficient funds paid in by their employer on their behalf for the duration of their employment. This provides a basic net of financial security for those who are between jobs and looking for work. It may be temporary, and you may be called back to work by your previous employer, in which case you will usually be required to accept the offer of employment, and you will no longer receive benefits as a result.

You can also lose your benefits if you turn down a job offer that pays a salary equal to or greater than what you received from your previous employer, if you turn down an offer of employment from a company offering you a position similar to your previous assignment, or if offered a job in a field relevant to your prior work experience. Your online unemployment history is easy to view at the Vermont Department of Labor's web site, offering you a breakdown of payments received and the weeks associated with them. Extended online unemployment filing may be available for up to thirteen weeks for those chronically unemployed.

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