How to Receive Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Vermont

The unemployment rate in Vermont is one of the lowest in the country - at 5.9 percent. This low number offers little solace to the more than 20,000 Vermont citizens who are currently unemployed. To help ease the financial concerns many may have, unemployment compensation benefits are available for anyone who loses a job through no fault of their own.

Applying for Unemployment Compensation in Vermont

Depending on the number of job openings in the state, many unemployed workers are applying for the same jobs. A surplus of job applicants limits job opportunities. Receiving compensation for unemployment benefits provides a financial bridge and security for meeting basic needs.

The application process in Vermont is similar to most states. The initial application for unemployment benefits is completed through the state’s online system. Unemployed workers should be prepared with the following information:

  • Social security number
  • Contact information, including mailing address and telephone number
  • Driver’s license or state issued ID number
  • Details about any separation pay (amount, duration) such as severance or vacation
  • Anticipated return to work date
  • Alien registration number for non-U.S. citizens

In addition to the above information, working for the military or federal government in the past 18 months requires specific documentation. Former military personnel will need form DD-214; federal government employees must have form SF-8.

Making a claim for unemployment benefits also requires information about employers over the previous 18 months.

The following information is required for each employer the Vermont unemployment compensation application:

  • Full name, address and telephone number
  • Payroll address
  • Employment start and end dates
  • Reason employment ended

Completing an Unemployment Claim

In the state of Vermont, unemployed workers must complete weekly unemployment claims to receive compensation benefits. They can file an unemployment claim and receive up to $425 each week. Anyone who claims unemployment benefits in Vermont must certify each week that they are available and actively seeking work.

Individuals can file the weekly claim for unemployment benefits through Vermont’s labor department website. The system requires establishing a personal identification number (PIN) to access the online system. They may also contact unemployment office at the toll-free number: 877-214-3330. Customer service representatives are also available at 800-650-4152.

Being without a job can have a financial and self-confidence toll for many people. The Department of Labor for the state of Vermont has various resources for individuals seeking reentry into the workplace. Apprenticeships, resource centers and veterans services are among the programs for job seekers.

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