Filing a Weekly Claim for Unemployment in Vermont

Becoming unexpectedly unemployed in this struggling economy can be a real financial and emotional challenge. However the Vermont Department of Labor can help you in meeting this challenge by filing a weekly unemployment claim that will ensure that you receive any unemployment benefits to which you are entitled by Vermont law and according to Federal guidelines.

The time to claim weekly unemployment benefits is within the first week you find yourself unemployed or working less than 35 hours. You may claim weekly unemployment benefits by accessing the Vermont Department of Labor website at and then clicking on Unemployment Insurance Claimant Application.

If you prefer to file weekly unemployment claims by phone call 1-800-983-2300 and select Option #1. You must call between the hours of 8:30am - 4:00pm on Monday thru Thursday and 9:00am to 4:00pm on Friday. The first time you claim weekly unemployment benefits you will be given a PIN number to use along with your Social Security number for all future interactions. Once your weekly claim has been established, you can address any future questions to the toll-free Claimant Assistance line at 1-877-214-3332.

Unemployment claims must be filed on a weekly basis and a Rights and Responsibilities booklet will be sent to you once your claim has been established. Each week you will be asked whether you have been available for work, refused any work, received any income from any source and whether you looked for work as directed. Unless your former employer has given you a definite date for you to return to work within ten weeks of filing your claim you are required to make a minimum of three job contacts per week and accept any work for which you are qualified.

Collecting unemployment weekly means receiving approximately 50% of your former weekly earnings, up to $425 dollars per week. Your first unemployment check should arrive within two weeks by direct deposit or check, which are mailed on Thursdays. You can also receive health benefits through the Health Coverage Tax Credit. Career assistance and training are also available through your local Vermont Department of Labor Resource Center.

Coping with unemployment and finding a new job is not always easy. But at the Vermont Department of Labor we are always ready to do whatever we can to ease the challenges of unemployment and help you to embark on a new career path.

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