Benefits of Filing for Vermont Unemployment

Like residents of other states, workers in Montpelier and Burlington have been impacted by company closures and general workforce reductions. Becoming unemployed on short notice can make it troublesome to maintain your financial and emotional security, especially when the economy is subject to continuous difficulties. However, you have the resource of Vermont unemployment benefits.

If you’ve worked in Vermont for the last 18 months and you become unemployed, you can see if you’re eligible for unemployment benefits. Applying for your benefits can be done by calling the state Department of Labor at 877-214-3330. You can call the Vermont Claim Centers Monday through Friday and a customer service representative will help you file your claim. Workers who have filed for unemployment benefits in the past are welcome to reopen their claims at 24 hours a day.

Once your claim has been approved, you will need to file a weekly claim online or by phone. Benefits you can expect from Vermont unemployment insurance include a weekly benefit amount that’s calculated from your wages in your base period while employed. The maximum weekly benefit amount is $425. You’re allowed to receive weekly benefits until you hit your maximum benefit amount at 26 weeks.

When filing, you need to provide some important details such as your address, phone number and Social Security Number. You’ll need to have information about your former employer like your employment dates and your reason for leaving the job. Additional forms are required for former members of the military and federal employees.

In Vermont, you are given a choice as to how to collect benefits. If you have a checking or savings account, you can select Direct Deposit so your weekly benefit amount can be transferred to you electronically. You can enroll for Direct Deposit at the Vermont Department of Labor’s website. Another option is to wait for a check to be mailed from the Montpelier office each week.

Many Vermonters regard filing for unemployment a helpful option for income in a time of need. If you are in Montpelier, Bennington or other areas of the state, consider filing for your benefits as soon as possible.

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