Utah Weekly Unemployment Application

This is a tough economic time for most people. Add to it becoming unexpectedly unemployed and your financial difficulties can be overwhelming. To alleviate some of your financial obligations, you can file a claim to see if qualify for Utah unemployment benefits.

You can file your weekly claim online at http://jobs.utah.gov/ and select "File Weekly Claims" or by calling the telephone system (in Salt Lake, (801) 526-4400; in North Davis or Weber County, (801) 612-0877; Utah County, (801) 375-4067 or out of state, 1-888-848-0688.

To file your weekly claim, you'll need the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • You will need your PIN every time you use the unemployment system. Your PIN is a four-digit number you chose and entered when you filed your initial claim.

If you cannot remember your PIN, or are worried about maintaining security and want to change your PIN, go to jobs.utah.gov, sign in with your social security number, choose "Forgot Your Pin", or call the Claims Center for assistance.

Never share your PIN with anyone, as it's your SIGNATURE when filing your weekly claim. You will be responsible for incorrect payments made using your PIN.

You are required to file weekly claims in order to receive unemployment benefits. The claim week starts on Sunday and concludes on Saturday at 12am. They suggest you file your weekly claim on Sunday or as close to the Saturday week-ending date.

You are required to answer several questions to determine your eligibility for benefits each week you file. You could be turned down for benefits if you fail to file a weekly claim in a expedient manner. The system will not, any under circumstances, allow late filing. Waiting 21 or more days to after the week-ending date (Saturday) to file weekly will result in your claim being considered late and it will be closed. After it's closed, you'll have to reopen your claim at http://jobs.utah.gov or by calling the Claims Center for assistance.

The questions will be in relation to the week you are filing. You must report all gross wages for the week and you'll be asked several questions conditional on your claim's current status.

The questions include:

  • "Did you work during the week?"
  • "If so, how much was earned before deductions?"

You may be asked some additional questions depending on the amount of wages you report when filing your weekly claim.

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