The Benefits of Filing for Unemployment in Utah

If you recently lost your job, the thought of taking care of yourself, your family, and your regular bills can seem overwhelming. Unemployment insurance is meant to offer temporary assistance to people who became unemployed through no fault of their own (such as those who were laid off). Filing for unemployment has become easier with the internet, as you can file your initial claim online at Utah's Department of Workforce Services website.

 If you chose to file for unemployment benefits on the web, make sure you have your personal information readily available, along with information about your employers for the past several months and why you are no longer employed with them. This is because if you remain on any page for 20 minutes or more, you will be timed out and have to start the process over again. Make sure to keep an eye on your time! If you don't want to file over the internet, you also have the choice to file over the phone, via mail, or by visiting an employment office.

After you file your initial claim, it can take 1-3 weeks to process it, so plan for your financial obligations accordingly. After you are approved, the benefits you can expect from Utah's Department of Workforce Services depend on the amount of work you completed during the last several months. You must continue to file claims every week to continue to receive benefits. How to collect benefits involves filing claims weekly online or over the phone.

When you file the weekly claims, you will have to answer questions that will verify your eligibility to continue receiving benefits, such as if you looked for work and if you were available for work. The weekly claims certification process is what gives Utah's Department of Workforce Services the OK to continue paying you benefits every week. If you fail to file your weekly claim, you will not get paid any benefits. If you don't file for one week, you can get double benefits the following week, but if you fail to file for three weeks in a row, your case will be closed and you will have to go through the entire application process all over again.

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