When You Find Yourself Unemployed: What To Do


When you find yourself unemployed for an extensive period of time, financial care and self-care are critical points of interest that must be addressed. Caring for yourself emotionally and physically limits the cost of medical treatment while improving personal health and happiness. Being active, eating healthy and exercising has been contributed to elevated levels of wellbeing and contentment that cannot be identically reproduced in pharmaceutical drugs. Exercise biologically increases natural occurring chemicals that reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and increase the immune system. During a difficult period, such as unemployment, the benefits of a healthy diet and physically active program enable you to function normally while you continue your job search.

Take A Job - Any Job

The first thing people normally do when they become unemployed is stagnate or panic. A result of shock or disbelief, they isolate themselves in attempts to come to terms with abruptly being out of work. Others, uncomfortable with the circumstances enter a heightened state of alarm and frantically make efforts to quickly replace the void left by a lost job. Either way, both activities can prove fruitless if not in a proper state of mind.

Depending upon the amount of time unemployed and the outcome of applications submitted to positions of related career experience, reassessing your plan of action must be taken into consideration. Employment availability, applicant-to-position ratio, and level of experience can possibly hinder opportunities. With so many people unemployed, odds of positions available to applicants are greatly skewed. The plan of action should be a willingness to take any job opportunity that presents itself, even if it is out of your area of expertise. Landscaping, part-time, or seasonal work may not increase your chances of early retirement, but they provide you with income, a sense of self-worth and experience that may open opportunities for a different career path.

Take Care of Your Emotional Health & Physical Health

Taking care of your emotional health when unemployed is vital to enduring and overcoming some of the most complicated mental setbacks in your life. The blow to the ego and self-esteem take a tremendous toll on your self-worth and create thoughts of doubt as time passes. Engaging in activities that challenge your mind and stimulate intellectual acuity keep you mentally sharp while diffusing negative thoughts and focusing on accomplishments.

Poor emotional health has been attributed to physical issues. Taking care of your physical health when unemployed coincides with the mental aspect of self-care. Deprived nutrition, inadequate exercise and poor sleeping habits starve the body’s ability to properly repair itself at the cellular level. When this occurs, the body can enter and remain in a state of stress where improper systemic processes destroy the body leading to diseases and illnesses. Eating healthy, walking, running or participating in outdoor activities can correct this event.

Find Support

Leaning on the people you know and trust is another important factor to enduring moments of unemployment. Seeking support from people significant in your life can assist you in maintaining a balanced state of mind. Talking with them, helping them with projects, or even encouraging them to join you on a run keeps you connected and involved in life. Instead of isolating yourself, it provides you with opportunities to become active and not remain idle.

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