Unexpected Unemployment

The simple fact of the matter is that the economy is has been struggling, is still struggling, and will continue to struggle for the time being. As such, there are very few people who have been untouched by the economy shedding jobs on a monthly basis. So maybe you have recently been “pink slipped” to put it lightly, or as other people might say, laid-off. While your immediate reaction might be to panic, shed a tear or maybe feel angry and enraged (rightfully so), but none of those are going to help you put food on the table, keep a roof over your head and/or take care of yourself and your family. While it may be difficult, now is the time to clear you head and create a plan of action for the upcoming month(s) to get yourself back on your feet financially and emotionally speaking.

  • Unemployment Benefits: If you had a job where you and your employer have been paying in to the state unemployment fund, then you are legally entitled to the financial assistance that unemployment benefits offer. It is absolutely essential that you file with your relevant state sanctioned authorities for unemployment benefits as quickly as possible to assure that you begin receiving assistance quickly, and without having a lapse in your monthly bills.
  • Begin The Search: With the explosion of the internet, searching for a new employment opportunity has never been easier and more convenient. There are an endless number of for-profit websites like CareerBuilder and Monster as well as state sponsored websites that also may potentially list available job opportunities. Just like the unemployment benefits, it is vital that you begin searching immediately as to increase your potential for getting another job as quickly as possible.
  • Want vs. Need: There is never a better time to reevaluate the things in your life, and the monthly expenses you incur and decipher the difference between the things you want versus the things you need. The little costs saved here and there can/will add up in a major way and help you to weather the current unemployment storm you find yourself in.
  • Update: Hopefully by now you have a resume, if you don’t have one then create one! If you do have one, now is the time to reassess and update your resume to improve it in certain aspects whether it is aesthetically or content wise.

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