Unemployment Eligibility: Do You Qualify?

For most people, when they first lose their jobs they automatically think they will have unemployment checks to fall back on. While this is generally true, there are always extenuating circumstances that vary from state to state that may potentially keep you from receiving this crucial financial lifeline that is unemployment insurance. Sadly however, just because you lost your job does not mean you are automatically entitled to unemployment help from the Government. Here are some simple ways to figure out exactly what you can expect to receive or not receive depending upon your specific situation and how to go about retrieving such vital information.

First, before you go driving around town looking for an unemployment office, most but not all states now have online websites which will allow you to file for unemployment, check your eligibility and do anything you would do in the office, online from the comfort of your own home. On these sites you should be able to definitively figure out whether or not your situation makes you eligible for unemployment insurance.

Next, should you qualify you will be expected to answer three specific questions regarding your unemployment status. First, were you fired or lost your job because of something related to your employer, and not something you did specifically? Next, was your salary high enough to pay your basic expenses? This is important because part-time and seasonal employees tend to not be eligible for unemployment help! Finally, should you be offered a job, are you willing to work again? This question is asked because should you be unwilling or unable to work again, this will generally speaking disqualify you from the right to collect unemployment. If you fall into this category, it is likely that filing for disability benefits would be a more beneficial route for you to take.

The process of losing your job is difficult enough as it is. Knowing your rights and how to exercise them and be your own advocate will go an extremely long way towards helping to get yourself back on a positive financial track and a far more stress-free life than you are undoubtedly currently experiencing should you be one of the unfortunately many, unemployed people in our country right now.

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