Tips For The Unemployed

There was a time, decades ago where being unemployed came with a sense of shame and embarrassment. Well, those days are done, in 2011, with millions of people finding themselves unemployed, you have no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed. A significant amount of the current job losses were through no fault of your (employee) own. There are an endless number of reasons that people who are doing great work and have a good sense of job security, lose their jobs, but it isn’t even worth discussing. What’s done is done and looking back can only hurt you. With that in mind, and with your eyes toward the future and getting yourself back on track and back in a job as soon as possible, here some vital tips for those who find themselves unemployed.

  • Remember no shame, no embarrassment: You need to reach out to people you know and trust, friends and family and get the word out that you are currently looking for employment. You never know where your next job referral can/will come from
  • You deserve the benefits: Assuming you find yourself unemployed through no fault of your own, you are legally entitled to collect unemployment benefits. It won’t support all of your monthly expenses but it will definitely help! Most states offer you the ability to apply for unemployment benefits online with extreme ease.
  • Use the time, don’t let it use you: Take this unexpected free time to recommit yourself to getting and staying healthy. You have been given the gift of free time, so use it! Exercise as much as possible and start eating healthier. This will help to make you feel better not only physically but mentally as well, which is especially important during these tough times you find yourself in currently
  • Adapt and adjust: When you suddenly become unemployed you need to adjust your spending habits and learn to make due. Cutting out little luxuries that are nice but not a necessity will add up to major savings and also show you what it means to be happy with what you got in your life. A feeling of contentment and serenity goes hand in hand with being more frugal
  • You still have a job: It can be strange to think of it this way but even though you are unemployed you still have a job! Your job is to look for a new job! Don’t sleep in and waste your day on the internet. Wake up early, exercise and set aside a few hours of pure focus on the job search. By treating the search like a job itself, you will be more likely to find the little seen job openings that just might be your next job!
  • Feel what you feel then move on: If you have just lost your job it is understandable that you feel a broad range of emotions like anger, sadness, bitterness and maybe even relief. That is okay, allow yourself to feel these things, for a few days then put it behind you! The sooner you get your mind back on track, the sooner you can see that you have plenty of skills to offer another company! Regain that confidence that you once had and go out and show the world that you are ready, willing and able to take on all challenges.

Ask around, there are an extreme few but more likely nobody who spends their entire lives at one company anymore. It is the simple fact of the times, that we will all likely experience the feeling of being fired or laid-off. While it will hurt, you will be a stronger person in the long run.

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