Surviving the Current Unemployment Crisis

So you’ve lost your job and find yourself in uncharted territory. You don’t really know where to turn or what the first step towards getting yourself back on track would consist of. First off, relax and take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Not only are there millions of people experiencing the same turmoil as you, there are also plenty of local, state and federal services designed specifically to help you weather this personal storm you find yourself in. It is okay to take a week or two, get your mind and body heal for a little bit, then follow some of these simple steps to bringing order back to your life and ultimately get yourself back to work as soon as possible.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Take a few days and rest, get your mind and body back in alignment. You are probably under added stress the last few days, weeks or months and by allowing yourself to get your “spirit and self-esteem” back to the level it once was will prepare you for the tough job search ahead of you.
  • Your new job is the job search itself. Once you are rested after a few days, don’t sleep the day away and mindlessly read the internet for celebrity gossip. Set aside a specific period of the day, where your new “job” is the search itself. Go looking for resources both in person and online. By having a schedule a sense of purpose each day, you will find a sense of normalcy that will benefit you mentally and emotionally which will definitely help you to ultimately get a real job!
  • Apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible! The earlier you apply the sooner you can expect to get your first check. Generally speaking, there is a multi-week waiting period and sometimes even longer depending upon your state and the current financial solvency of that state. Unemployment will usually last about twenty six weeks and during unexpectedly high unemployment periods, the vital lifeline that is unemployment benefits may potentially be extended for an additional thirteen to twenty weeks.
  • Track your spending because the fact is money will become tighter than you are used to. It may be obvious but many people continue to live their well-off lifestyles despite losing their monthly income. While this lifestyle can be maintained for a period of months, it won’t last forever and leave you in financial and emotional pain like you have never experienced prior. There are an endless number of payed and free personal-finance software and services online that can help you to get your financial life in order and under control.
  • You can always consider volunteering when you find yourself in times of unemployment. Many people can’t stand going from a regimented day to day routine to a life with nothing to do when they wake up. By volunteering you can regain a sense of purpose and remind you that life can always be way worse no matter how tough things may be for you currently. You would be shocked as to how unbelievably good it feels to help out the less fortunate even when times are tough for you. You could potentially meet your next boss or business partner who may also be volunteering that day!

Always remember that you are not alone, you have support, you just need to reach out!

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