Steps to Follow After Getting Laid-Off

There are few things in life as worrisome or difficult to accept as being laid-off or fired from a job. Unfortunately, in this economy there are millions of Americans going through the ups and downs that unemployment can and will bring. There was a time in this country when people would stay in jobs for thirty, forty even fifty years without ever having to deal with the repercussions of unemployment. But in more modern times, society has created an environment where most people will be the victim of a layoff multiple times throughout their lives. So if you are going through it for the first time, or have experienced unemployment multiple times, like any other tough time in your life, you’ve just got to hold on and ride it out. Here are four steps to follow immediately after finding yourself suddenly unemployed.

  • It’s Reflection Time – There is no way around it, losing your job is a startling and overwhelming experience. The range of emotions is so broad and wide that your feelings can literally swing from one minute to the next. Not only is this normal, is completely to be expected as well. Now is the time for personal reflection and focus on the things you did well, the areas where you could have improved and the moments that you just flat out dropped the ball. By admitting and realizing your strengths and weaknesses you are setting yourself up to avoid making the same mistake twice while continuing to develop the characteristics that made you an ideal candidate for employment at that company in the first place.
  • Organizing – After a short period of time has passed and your emotional state is a bit more even-keeled, now is the time to take a personal checklist of your thoughts, your skills, past work that can examples of your skills, and your personal connections (network). After do this, you should determine if your current career path is one you want to continue down, or perhaps now is the best chance you have had in a while to alter your career path to try something completely different and new, like going back to school.
  • Plan of Action – The job search is your new job! Just sending your resume to random companies and hoping they will find you is not a plan of action or a route back to being employed! It is essential that you do your due-diligence and research into companies that pique your interest. Update your resume to include most recent qualifications and job information and utilize your network of contacts to get in touch with companies that you are interested in being a part of.
  • Instituting Your Plan – What a wild ride it has been. From the emotional roller coaster that unemployment first brought you, to your time to relax and compose yourself. All the way to researching new job opportunities and tediously upgrading your resume, you are finally at the point of needing to execute your plan to get yourself employed once again. You have thought long and hard about where you want to go career-wise, and to pursue your dreams, as well as planned out a plan-of-action to get that big Fortune 500 company to notice you. Far too many people are just throwing their resumes up on massive job-search websites where they fade into oblivion, never to be seen by the people who do the hiring at the companies you are seeking to find employment. You will need to make yourself stick out in the crowd of job-seekers by engaging in discussions on message boards, going to job fairs and industry events, as well as staying up to date on the most relevant and pertinent information and trends in the industries in which you are seeking employment.


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