Rules For the Perfect Interview

With an economy that appears to be recovering from what is being called, “The Great Recession”, more and more people are slowly but surely finding that the number of companies interviewing is steadily increasing, with expected job recovery to continue to increase as the pace of the recovery begins to pick-up a head of steam. That being said, there are still a massive amount of people applying for a limited number of jobs. Currently, the applicant-to-job ratio is heavily slanted in favor or the employer. With a high number of college graduates and highly skilled workers still looking for employment opportunities, the competition for high-paying desirable jobs is extremely fierce. Your interview with a potential employer is likely to be your first and last chance to make a positive impression. It is the essential and critical part of finding a job, and as such, here are a number of vital things to remember/do when preparing to go into a job interview.

  • What you look like is going to be an essential part of your interview. Right or not, your appearance does in fact play a part in your ability to get a new employment opportunity. Dress up for your interview, even if the office is a casual atmosphere. It shows your confidence in yourself and your understanding of what it means to be in the real world. Often overlooked and underestimated, how you dress and look will play a large role in the interviewer’s decision of whether or not to bring you back.
  • If you aren’t prompt and on time for you interview, you can essentially kiss the job goodbye. Think about it, if you are late for the interview, what chances are there that you are going to be showing up on time every day for work. Even if there was a legitimate reason for your tardiness, if you are late to your interview, you might as well forget about being considered for the job opening.
  • Knowing what you are getting into is extremely important. Meaning, you should know about the company in which you are applying to work for. Learn as much as possible about the company like the industry, services and/or products, among other details. This will give you an edge on your competition as well as prepare you for potential questions from the interviewer that may be pertinent to a particular company. Being ready for these questions will allow you to exude confidence and increase the likelihood of you being offered the job.
  • Be sure to show your sincere desire to work for the company for which you are interviewing. Answer their questions with excitement, probing questions, and well thought-out questions. Offer a firm handshake and keep a smile on your face. Your enthusiasm for the opportunity to work for a company bodes well for you in the eyes of an interviewer.
  • Quite often people prepare for their interviews so much, that their answers to an interviewer’s questions can come off sounding prepared and/or rehearsed. While having answers to specific questions in your mind, ready to go, is a great idea, make sure you are actually answering the question that is being asked. Too often, job candidates will go off on a tangent without ever addressing the question begin asked of them. Make sure that you are actually listening to the question being asked and respond accordingly.
  • Much like showing your enthusiasm for a potential job opportunity, once your interview is over, you still have a chance to make a significant impression on your interviewer and the company for which you are applying to work for. What used to be optional, has now become standard practice, and it is vital that you practice this standard as well. You need to follow up on your interview whether that be through a phone call, e-mail or even a hand-written letter. This gives you one last/extra chance to influence your interviewer’s final decision. It will show you desire to get the job, remind the interviewer of who you are, and give you one more chance to sell yourself and your abilities to the company.

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