Overcoming Long-Term Unemployment

People that are trying to re-enter the workforce after long term unemployment face a number of challenges. While collecting unemployment benefits can help pay the bills, it is not a long term solution, and people will eventually need to find another job. The unemployment rate is higher than it has been in years, which means candidates need to stand out to secure a job.

Use The Time Wisely

Long term unemployment is more common than it is was 10 years ago. Many employers will see numerous applications from people that have not been working. To make an application stand out, people should try to demonstrate that they have used the time effectively. Anything that is related to their professional field can be listed; some of the most common methods are consulting, freelancing and professional development. This negates the idea of wasting time or losing touch with the field and developments, and can help show that the applicant is self-motivated.

Be Prepared

Employers will ask some hard questions, and it is best to know how to respond. They will almost certainly want to know why the applicant left their last job and why they have not begun a new one. Basic employment tactics can be used to help people prepare for these questions, as well as the ones about accomplishments and work habits. A professional and detailed resume can help people stand out from the crowd, and so can their attitude in answering questions about their unemployment. Someone who comes across as bitter about their situation is less likely to be hired than someone who is upbeat about their possibilities. One useful exercise is to conduct a mock interview with a friend and practice responding to difficult questions.

Act And Look The Part

No matter how long a person has been unemployed, it is vital that they appear and act professional during an interview. Employment strategies such as choosing powerful colors and flattering outfits are especially important for unemployed job seekers, since the first impression is so important. Applicants also need to be able to speak and converse as if they have not left the workforce. This may mean downplaying their unemployment as much as possible, or staying current with advances in the field and publications.

Believe In Yourself

Long term unemployment can be very painful. People should remind themselves of all their accomplishments and goals on a daily basis. this can help inspire them to feel more successful, which often shows to others. Staying positive can go a long way towards taking the pain out of unemployment and that same self-confidence can be difference between getting a job and losing out on one. No one should give interviewers any reason to suspect that that they are less than amazing and perfectly qualified for the job.

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