Coping With Unemployment

It is a simple fact of life in the times that we live in now, that many if not all of us will face a stage of unemployment in our lifetimes. In fact, most of us will experience unemployment multiple times throughout the course of our lives. Those who are unemployed will endure one of life’s most stressful and harrowing experiences. Unemployment is an experience that often leads to changes in one’s behavior for a lifetime. It can lead to and cause a variety of negative things including but not limited to mental physical and emotional stress, financial hardships, loss of confidence or sense of self-worth and possibly even causing the tightest knit of families to come apart at the seams.

The question then becomes, how does one take this time of unemployment and somehow find a way to cope and maintain until they are able to finally get back on their feet?

Prepare Yourself

  • When a person initially loses their employment status, they may assume that jumping right back into the search for another job is the way to go. However, if it is financially feasible, you in all likelihood could very well be better off taking some time to analyze where you’ve been and where you would like to go, in terms of your career. Acknowledge and/or figure out where you thrived in your last job and where you could have improved or worked harder. Be honest with yourself, after all, if you aren’t honest with yourself who can you be honest with?
  • It can be hard to imagine until you actually go through it, but losing your job for whatever reason, can often times leads to emotional feelings that closely mirror some of life’s great tragedies. It may seem like it is being overstated until you personally go through it and realize how much comes with being employed, not just financially but personally as well. It is essential that you allow yourself to feel these things and work your way through these emotional stages.
  • Being unemployed and all that comes with it emotionally is a handful to say the least. It takes more out of you physically and emotionally than a day’s worth of work generally would. But while being unemployed, your new job is the job search itself. You should be waking up with a sense of purpose to get your job search going, and doing this daily. By making the job search your new job, you will undoubtedly find a new employment opportunity sooner rather than later.
  • Nothing keeps a person from getting a new job quite like holding on to grudges and maintaining bitter thoughts and ill will towards others for whatever reason. It is hard to move forward when you never stop looking back. Whatever the reasons for your unemployment, whether you were fired or laid-off, don’t let it eat away at you. It’s over, it sucks but now you have another chance to do anything you want with your life. Take it as a blessing rather than a curse.

Plan Ahead

  • Of course, since you are currently unemployed, the lack of monthly income makes your financial resources that you have saved up more vital than ever. It is now you need to evaluate how much money you have, how much you are spending every month, and where you can shave off significant parts of your spending. It is more important than ever that you figure out the difference between what you “want” versus what you “need”.
  • The best thing you can do for yourself and your family if you are unemployed is to take care of yourself better now than ever. While many times, when people become unemployed they tend to isolate themselves from the outside world out of shame or embarrassment. Now is the time however, to get out into the sunshine and spend time with those you love and care about and those who love and care about you. After all, it is when you are at your lowest point that your support group of friends and family will be there for you. Don’t be too proud to call!
  • If and when possible, now is the time to broaden your educational and job skill background. This doesn’t just necessarily mean that you should get better at things you already know, but now is the time to diversify your abilities to expand your appeal to a potential employer.

Your Future is Still Ahead of You

  • There is no better time to research and explore potential new and different career opportunities. There is no better time than when you are unemployed to rediscover who you truly are.
  • Life has a way of getting in the way of staying connected to your inner self. All of the noise from the outside world makes it difficult to be introspective from time to time and allow your inner inspiration to guide your decisions.
  • Knowing where you’ve been is the best way to dictate where you are going in your life and in your career. Knowing who you are, and what your likes and/or dislikes are will only bring you better clarity when it comes to looking for a new employment opportunity that will fulfill your every desire career wise.
  • It can be scary to do, but going outside the box and experiencing things and trying things that are generally far from your comfort zone can be extremely good for you. There is a saying that fortune favors the bold, but you’ve got to take a chance to get that fortune!
  • The most important thing is that through all of these tough times, you are able to redirect everything you have experienced into positive personal growth. By going through what you are going through, the little things in your life will take on greater value and meaning, leading to a greater sense of purpose in and throughout your life. Stay strong, stay positive, and carry on, for tomorrow is another day and another chance to change your future for the better.

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