Coping and Dealing With Realities of Unemployment

For those who are unfamiliar with being unemployed, many people tend to think that losing your job only means losing your standard source of income. But what many fail to realize is that when becoming unemployed you really lose so much more than just the financial aspect. You get thrown off of your daily routine, you lose all of the deep work relationships you have had with your coworkers and many times you begin to lose your sense of self-worth and/or your purpose in life itself. To put it mildly, it is an absolute shock to the very core of everything you are. Losing your job can quite often resemble and feel like some other major life problems like divorce, personal injury or maybe even the passing of someone you cared about. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear you say that you are feeling many of the “stages” of grief that many people do when someone dies.

The ups and downs both physically and emotionally when becoming unemployed can be absolutely overwhelming to many people. A huge wide range of emotions from anger, to frustration, to sadness to fear can all come from losing your job and the process of getting back into the workforce. Here are some facts about the process and how to cope and deal with unemployment.

Why Did This Happen?

Yes you have lost your job and things are tough for you. While you are entitled to feel a broad range of emotions, always do your very best to keep some perspective and focus on the reasons you are far luckier than many people in general. Losing your job will likely diminish your ultra-important self-esteem level, and you may begin to feel less than worthy of success.

It is extremely important that you do your best to be realistic and the areas where your thrived in your old job and areas where you could have improved. Did you become unemployed due to something that was beyond your ability to control, or were you responsible as a result of your actions? Depending upon your answer there are always way to further expand your job skills and educational background. Explore your educational options to further develop a robust and impressive resume and improving your overall job skills to regain your employment status as soon as possible.


There are many concrete steps you can take to being to rebuild your self-esteem while improving your confidence and furthering your goal of finding a new job. Here are some strategies for coping with unemployment:

  • Creating a set daily schedule with time set aside for actively searching for a new job. To put it simply, your new job is looking for a new job.
  • Create a list of accomplishments to accomplish on a weekly basis. These can be as simple as going to the park to exercise or getting a long needed dentist appointment out of the way. By staying active and productive, you will be fighting back against the depression and deflated self-esteem that plague so many people who find themselves unemployed.
  • Be sure that you have filed for unemployment insurance benefits if you are eligible. Furthermore, the agencies that administer these benefit programs often times will have connections to resources that will allow you to more quickly get back on your feet.
  • You have all of those friends on Facebook and Twitter so now is the time to mobilize them into action. Get the word out that you are looking for work and you are open to recommendations. By letting people know you are looking, suddenly you have multiple people with their eyes and ears open for potential job opportunities for you, thus increasing your overall chances of finding a new job. For many, this “word of mouth” job search is how they end up ultimately finding a new employment opportunity.
  • Stay busy by filling your time with valuable things like volunteering or bettering yourself or the lives of others in one way or another. You would be shocked how amazing it feels to help the less fortunate without expecting or getting anything in return.
  • Get up, get out and get something! Don’t stay at home and isolate yourself from the rest of world. Don’t let yourself fall into a “funk”! Go out and hang with your friends and do recreational activities that will stimulate your mind and emotions.
  • Create a daily/weekly plan of action so that you are fully prepared mentally and physically for what the next day may have in store for you.
  • Now is the time to exercise and work off those few pounds that you just seemingly have never been able to shed. You may never have as much free time as you will while you are unemployed and as such there is possibly no better time to transform your body through exercise and eating healthy. The emotional, mental and physical benefits of such are simply put, extraordinary!

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