Common Errors Made When Searching for Employment

Over many decades, interviewers responsible for filling employment openings at businesses worldwide have truly heard it all. They have heard the boasting and bragging, and they have heard the humble and sincere. They have seen those who come in dressed for success and prepared to answer all of the questions that come there way, to the people who come in dressed looking like they couldn’t care less about getting the job and knowing nothing about the company or job opening in which they are applying for. Somewhere between these two candidates is the majority of the rest of us who are legitimate candidates for potential employment opportunities, yet make common job search mistakes that continually haunt us on our road to gaining employment.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly seen interviewing errors and how to avoid falling into one of these job-killing traps:

  • Many people simply fail to keep their options open and keep an open mind. Too often people will apply for a job and feel strongly they will end up getting an offer so they neglect to apply and/or interview for multiple positions at the same time. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. By broadly sending out your resume, applying and interviewing at multiple businesses, you will greatly increases your potential for finding a job. Furthermore, having more potential option lessens the sting of not getting a particular employment opportunity you thought you deserved or would have been perfect for you.
  • Positivity generally results in higher rates of job offers. While you may not think about it, or even realizing you are committing this grave error, but your attitude can and will come off over the phone and during your interview. Something as simple as your lack of positivity can have an extraordinary effect on your chances of receiving a job offer. You need to be able to straddle that fine line between confidence and cockiness.
  • You see entry-level and you run! This is a massive mistake for a wide variety of reasons. Too often, job applicant will wrongly assume that because a job is “entry level” that they fail to recognize all of the potential benefits that this job could offer them, and thus as a result decline to even apply for the job. Get over yourself and get past your giant ego, when you find yourself unemployed, as no job, no matter how large or small is below you.
  • Temporary just isn’t good enough for you. Much like the entry level positions being “below” some people, far too often people discount the amazing potential benefits, both short-term and long-term that temporary job positions can offer. Getting a temp job will provide you with the short-term financial relief that we all need so desperately, while at the same time allowing you to expand your skill base and job background to benefit you in the short-term. In the long-term, these skills and job experience will likely benefit you to either latch on from a temp to permanent position within that company, or potentially get your name out there for someone else to see you and hire you. The old saying something is better than nothing, rings true here is a major way!

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