Be Your Own Social Network

Though you are likely yet to have realized this, but, there is a way you can establish yourself as someone who people will need to and want to know in the business world. It certainly won’t come easily, but it can be accomplished. To do so, and become the central hub of a social/business network, establishing, organizing and hosting a networking event is a an absolutely fantastic way to go about setting this plan in motion.

While you may not see the need or the benefit of hosting a networking event, consider it this way. First and foremost, taking the lead and bringing together a group of like-minded individuals will not only show your desire and commitment to furthering your business goals to others, you will at the core of it all, be meeting new people and further establishing and entrenching yourself within a larger business network. Next, when you establish yourself as the “organizer” of such event, you are showing the world why knowing you is essential to anyone who is anyone. Finally, you will further reinforce current business relationships, while at the same time offering legitimate, authentic help to other people, which will undoubtedly will make you feel good about yourself, and help you to endear yourself to others as well.

Here is the, what and where of how to cultivate you own networking event:

  • First and foremost, you need to settle on what kinds of networking event you would like to put on. Generally, in order to attract the widest group of interested people, you will want to put together a formal, highly-structured networking event where each attendee gets a pre-determined time limit to speak about topics of interest to both the speaker and the attendees. This is a great way for people to introduce themselves and begin to understand the backgrounds of the other attendees for not only when they mingle at the end of the event, but for drawing people back for future events as well.
  • You will need to find a location where everyone can fit around a table or two. Anything from a restaurant, to a library, to a conference room in a hotel should offer you ample room and ability to host exactly the kind of event that interests you and will benefit you.
  • Ultimately, the most important aspect of your networking event is the number and quality of attendees at your networking event. Your most “valuable” guests will be people who are able to clearly and concisely describe their situation as well as their ability to offer advice and help to others. Do you want to have control over the entire guest list? Would you like each attendee to be required to or have the option of bringing a guest or two? Little details like these are crucial to the success or failure of a potential networking event.
  • Doing the prep work, prior to the event will make the day go much more smoothly and allow attendees a greater level of comfort when they meet everyone for the first time. Prior to the first event, you should send an email to the attendees with information regarding your goals for the event, and what you hope everyone will get out of it. Perhaps, in an effort to increase the preparedness of your guests, you can offer people the chance to introduce themselves and give a quick bio of who they are and what they do for a living. Finally, you can finalize any last minute directions or other pertinent information and be sure that all attendees have the information they will need.
  • On the day of the network, you are “on the clock”, so it is essential that you take control of the event. Start the event on time, lead the discussion and solidify yourself as the hub of the social network. Make sure you get your voice heard and you make an effort to meet each and every person who made it out to the event.
  • Finally, after the successful event, make sure you follow up with an email or phone calls with a thank you for attending, soliciting any advice for improving future events, and gauge the attendee’s interest in attending the next social networking event you are planning.


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