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Coping and Dealing With Realities of Unemployment

For those who are unfamiliar with being unemployed, many people tend to think that losing your job only means losing your standard source of income. But what many fail to realize is that when becoming unemployed you really lose so much more than just the financial aspect. You get thrown off of your daily routine, you lose all of the deep work relationships you have had with your coworkers and many times you begin to lose your sense of self-worth and/or your purpose in life itself. To put it mildly, it is an absolute shock to the very core of everything you are. Losing your job can quite often resemble and feel like some other major life problems like divorce, personal injury or maybe even the passing of someone you cared about. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear you say that you are feeling many of the “stages” of grief that many people do when someone dies.

Coping With Unemployment

It is a simple fact of life in the times that we live in now, that many if not all of us will face a stage of unemployment in our lifetimes. In fact, most of us will experience unemployment multiple times throughout the course of our lives. Those who are unemployed will endure one of life’s most stressful and harrowing experiences. Unemployment is an experience that often leads to changes in one’s behavior for a lifetime. It can lead to and cause a variety of negative things including but not limited to mental physical and emotional stress, financial hardships, loss of confidence or sense of self-worth and possibly even causing the tightest knit of families to come apart at the seams.

The question then becomes, how does one take this time of unemployment and somehow find a way to cope and maintain until they are able to finally get back on their feet?

Unexpected Unemployment

The simple fact of the matter is that the economy is has been struggling, is still struggling, and will continue to struggle for the time being. As such, there are very few people who have been untouched by the economy shedding jobs on a monthly basis. So maybe you have recently been “pink slipped” to put it lightly, or as other people might say, laid-off. While your immediate reaction might be to panic, shed a tear or maybe feel angry and enraged (rightfully so), but none of those are going to help you put food on the table, keep a roof over your head and/or take care of yourself and your family.

Turning Unemployment into a New Opportunity

Have you recently been laid-off from work? Panic is probably trying to rear its ugly head and things seem to have hit rock bottom. But this isn’t the end. In fact, it’s best to look at this as a new beginning – an opportunity to better yourself. Who knows, your next job might be the best thing to ever happen to you. So what can you do to get from this point to the next? Here are some tips you can follow to help keep your life moving in the right direction.

When You Find Yourself Unemployed: What To Do

When you find yourself unemployed for an extensive period of time, financial care and self-care are critical points of interest that must be addressed. Caring for yourself emotionally and physically limits the cost of medical treatment while improving personal health and happiness. Being active, eating healthy and exercising has been contributed to elevated levels of wellbeing and contentment that cannot be identically reproduced in pharmaceutical drugs. Exercise biologically increases natural occurring chemicals that reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and increase the immune system. During a difficult period, such as unemployment, the benefits of a healthy diet and physically active program enable you to function normally while you continue your job search.

Turning Unemployment Into the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

Unemployment can be an incredibly stressful period in your life. You wonder how the bills are going to get paid and when the next employment opportunity will arrive. You may worry about losing your home or having enough to eat. The most important thing to remember when facing unemployment is that it will not last forever. It is a period that must be endured, but not for long. Job prospects are out there, it is a simple matter of using your time wisely and being willing to invest in yourself long term.

Strategies for Getting Out of Long Term Unemployment

In today's economic environment, many people, even those with advanced degrees and years of experience in their fields, are out of work. Looking for a new job can be stressful, especially if months have passed you by without so much as a promising career prospect. Some job seekers have even given up looking for work out of a sense of frustration and a belief that their searches have become futile.

Don't be one of the people who fall into this trap. While frustration is an understandable feeling, especially given the high unemployment rate and the seeming lack of opportunities on the job market, you're certain to never find a job if you give up on your search. Staying active in your job search and avoiding this sense of despair are not difficult, however. With the right attitude, you can pull yourself out of long term unemployment.

Rules For the Perfect Interview

With an economy that appears to be recovering from what is being called, “The Great Recession”, more and more people are slowly but surely finding that the number of companies interviewing is steadily increasing, with expected job recovery to continue to increase as the pace of the recovery begins to pick-up a head of steam. That being said, there are still a massive amount of people applying for a limited number of jobs. Currently, the applicant-to-job ratio is heavily slanted in favor or the employer. With a high number of college graduates and highly skilled workers still looking for employment opportunities, the competition for high-paying desirable jobs is extremely fierce. Your interview with a potential employer is likely to be your first and last chance to make a positive impression. It is the essential and critical part of finding a job, and as such, here are a number of vital things to remember/do when preparing to go into a job interview.

Quick Guide to Unemployment Insurance

It is a scene repeating itself numerous times, day in and day out, nationwide. Workers are being laid-off at rates not seen in decades. The sad fact is, when an economy is struggling, it is the working class people who generally bear the brunt of the pain and frustration. So now you find yourself in this situation, and yet you are slightly paralyzed with the fear of what is next or what will become of you and your family. It is exactly because of feelings like this that you should apply for unemployment insurance to help bridge the divide between your old job and your next potential employment opportunity.

Common Errors Made When Searching for Employment

Over many decades, interviewers responsible for filling employment openings at businesses worldwide have truly heard it all. They have heard the boasting and bragging, and they have heard the humble and sincere. They have seen those who come in dressed for success and prepared to answer all of the questions that come there way, to the people who come in dressed looking like they couldn’t care less about getting the job and knowing nothing about the company or job opening in which they are applying for. Somewhere between these two candidates is the majority of the rest of us who are legitimate candidates for potential employment opportunities, yet make common job search mistakes that continually haunt us on our road to gaining employment.

Be Your Own Social Network

While you may not see the need or the benefit of hosting a networking event, consider it this way. First and foremost, taking the lead and bringing together a group of like-minded individuals will not only show your desire and commitment to furthering your business goals to others, you will at the core of it all, be meeting new people and further establishing and entrenching yourself within a larger business network. Next, when you establish yourself as the “organizer” of such event, you are showing the world why knowing you is essential to anyone who is anyone. Finally, you will further reinforce current business relationships, while at the same time offering legitimate, authentic help to other people, which will undoubtedly will make you feel good about yourself, and help you to endear yourself to others as well.

Overcoming Long-Term Unemployment

People that are trying to re-enter the workforce after long term unemployment face a number of challenges. While collecting unemployment benefits can help pay the bills, it is not a long term solution, and people will eventually need to find another job. The unemployment rate is higher than it has been in years, which means candidates need to stand out to secure a job.

Rebounding After Being Laid-Off

Being laid off can be devastating, but don’t just wallow in the experience. Bouncing back begins with assessing your job skills and targeting the employers who want your skill set. Here are 10 tips for getting back on your feet:

Job Hunting During a Recession

Searching for a job is a job in itself. The preparations, contacts, applications and interviews can be time consuming and exhausting. This is especially true in a recession where fewer jobs are available for an excessive number of job seekers. However, developing your job search "A" game might just give you the edge you need over a competing job applicant. Here are some tips to get you moving toward a new job and brighter future.

Resume Writing Advice for the Unemployed

Being unemployed is difficult enough in and of itself, and you certainly don’t want to go compounding your mistakes by searching for a new job and sending out a resume which is poorly written, incorrectly structured or just flat out doesn’t do justice to your skills and/or educational background. Preparing a resume is essentially a science in which there are ways to structure your information, and certain buzz words that can be used to draw the attention of potential employers.

Having a resume which highlights your best skills and accomplishments can be a massive advantage over other potential job searchers competing for the same position. The real question is, how does one ensure that their resume is going to stand out above all others? Here is a list of the most essential tips/advice when it comes to creating a new resume or altering your current one:

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