Texas Unemployment Services Readily Available Online

An excellent website for unemployment services was implemented by the state of Texas for applicants and employers. The site is categorized very well for easy navigation. If you are a wage earner searching for online unemployment services or want to file an application for benefits, you can do this on the Texas Workforce Commission site, http://www.twc.state.tx.us/.

Wage earners can apply for work online or request unemployment benefits by navigating through an easy to complete application. An applicant simply registers to establish a user ID and to obtain a PIN. If you wish to file for unemployment online, gather your basic information such as social security number, DD-214s if discharged within 18 months, last employers name and address, employment start and end dates, and number of hours worked along with your rate of pay. However, you cannot apply online if you worked out of state or for the federal government over the past 18 months.

There are three requirements that have to be met in order to file an unemployment claim. The first is that you should have had earnings during the latest 12 month period. The second requirement is that your unemployment is the result of reasons acceptable to the state. These include being laid off due to lack of work, fired for something other than misconduct, or quitting for allowable medical conditions. Texas also accepts quitting to care for a minor child or terminally ill spouse. The final requirement is that you need to be willing and physically able to work full time.

The form is easy to complete by entering your information into the boxes and answering questions by clicking on the correct button. You will answer some initial questions and enter personal and contact information. You will be asked to provide some statistical and citizenship information along with any applicable labor union and pension information. If you want direct deposit, be ready to provide your bank information. As part of the application process for unemployment benefits, it will be necessary to apply for work online at WorkInTexas.com

The Texas Workforce Commission provides a superior unemployment service dedicated to helping wage earners find work or obtain benefits. Review their site as it has a large amount of very useful information.

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