Texas Unemployment Benefits

According to the most recent labor data, approximately 9.2 percent of people in Texas are unemployed. The Texas Workforce Commission is the government organization that exists to provide support to those who have lost their jobs and qualify to receive unemployment benefits.

Apply for unemployment online at http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/uiclaim.html. You can apply by phone. The number to contact for your specific area of Texas can be found at http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/bnfts/teleserv.html. Unemployment apply resources provided by the state of Texas are in place to give you payment information or the status of your claim once you open it, as well as provide you with information about unemployment benefits in general.

TWC makes benefit payments one of two ways. Either through direct payment to your personal bank account or payment by TWC UI Visa® Debit Card. Payments are issued weekly. Your payment status can be tracked online when you activate your online unemployment compensation account. Under the law, TWC can release information on your claim if necessary, to agencies such as Medicaid, and regarding your applications for other government programs like food stamps, and child support. If you receive payment by debit card, Chase Bank will also have access to your information because it will manage your debit-card account. TWC mails a written notice of your claim to your last employer and may have to communicate with your former employers about information on your claim to check its validity or accuracy.

The funds workers receive in the way of unemployment benefits comes from taxes employers pay to the state and federal governments. As long as you stop filing when you are again employed, it is not necessary to contact the Texas Workforce Commission.

Registering for work search with WorkInTexas.com within three days of the date you submit your claim application for unemployment, will help you to stay within compliance; since one of the requirements you must agree to when filling an unemployment application, is to be ready, willing and able to accept full-time work.
Actively searching for work each week and keeping a detailed record of your work related activities will also be expected. The Texas Workforce Commissions offers a wide array of employment help which can be accessed at their website.

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