How To File and Collect Texas Unemployment

Filing for unemployment benefits in the state of Texas are offered to individuals who experience job loss through no fault of their own. Unemployment filing can be done over the phone by dialing 1-800-939-6631, online, or in person at your local Workforce Solutions Office. Collecting unemployment benefits is based on a workers' past wages, reason for separation, and continued employment search requirements.

In order to qualify to collect Texas unemployment, individuals must have paid wages for two out of the four calendar quarters, earn six times the benefit amount, and have the total amount wages be 37 times the weekly benefit. Additionally, claimants wanting to collect unemployment benefits must experience a qualifying reason for job separation such as a lay off.

Upon filing for Texas unemployment, claimants will receive a statement of benefits the next day detailing qualification, wages earned for collecting unemployment, and the maximum benefit amount which won't be less than $60.00 nor more than $415.00 per week. It can take up to four weeks to receive a decision after filing for unemployment and receiving what's titled a determination on payment form.

If a claimant becomes eligible to collect Texas unemployment insurance, payment will be made through direct deposit or debit card during the third or fourth week of unemployment filing. Individuals filing for Texas unemployment benefits are required to report unemployment benefits as income which makes it taxable. During this time, Texas Workforce expects all claimants who have filed for unemployment to search and apply for full-time employment. Refusing to apply and accept suitable jobs after filing for unemployment is considered grounds for disqualification.

If a claimant is considered ineligible to receive Texas unemployment benefits, a notification will be sent out with an option on filing an appeal. If the claimant disagrees with the decision made for filing unemployment, information on how to file an appeal will be included in the decision letter. Submitting an appeal after filing for unemployment insurance can be done three ways; fax, mail, or in person at your local Texas Workforce Solutions Office. Appeals made in an attempt to collect Texas unemployment insurance are accepted no later than 14 days after the decision form has been mailed. During this time claimants are required to continue requesting payments every two weeks for unemployment filing unless the claimant gains full-time employment. It can take up to eight weeks to receive a hearing packet in the mail once the appeal has been made regarding the decision for collecting Texas unemployment.

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