Tennessee Weekly Unemployment Application

In order to claim weekly unemployment Tennessee benefits, you will call each week after filing your claim. Do not use these numbers until you have filed your first Tennessee weekly unemployment benefits claim for compensation.

If you have already been accepted, you will want to call 1-800-689-9799. Or in the Nashville area, you can call 615-532-1800. By making a call weekly unemployment benefits will be maintained. You will have to prove that you are not working but you have been looking for work.

Never forget to make your weekly claim for unemployment or you will lose your compensation. The unemployment weekly claim informs the state of Tennessee that you are still in need of assistance.

Making your first Tennessee weekly unemployment claim

Before you can make your weekly unemployment Tennessee phone call, you must file for unemployment benefits with the state of Tennessee Department of Labor. You can do this in person at one of 60 affiliated offices or you can go online to www.tn.gov/labor. In order to be eligible to make a Tennessee weekly claim for unemployment, you must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Be a Tennessee citizen.

2. Have lost a job due to economic reasons such as business closing or layoff.

3. Have worked long enough to be eligible.

Others that can claim weekly unemployment in Tennessee may be eligible for similar benefits. These include former service members, former federal workers, those who are not Tennessee citizens and those who have lost their work due to a natural disaster. These people should contact their career center to find out what programs might pay them regular unemployment weekly compensation.

If you think that your firing was really due to economic reasons, it does not hurt to contact agencies and make inquiries about unemployment weekly Tennessee compensation. Perhaps you will find out that there is help for you even if you cannot make an unemployment weekly claim.

Unemployment Agencies and Website

Both the agencies and the website can give you information on job training, job fairs and job searches. While you receive your unemployment weekly Tennessee compensation, remember you must keep looking for a job to stay eligible. You must also phone the TIPS line to make your Tennessee weekly unemployment claim. If you don’t do these things, you can lose benefits.

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