Tennessee Extended Unemployment

To be eligible for extended unemployment in Tennessee, you must have exhausted your Tennessee unemployment benefits. There are four tiers of benefits. In Tennessee, each time benefits end, the next tier takes over. After the fourth tier, a person is eligible for extended unemployment benefits.

Eligibility for Extended Unemployment Cannot Happen Until Unemployment Benefits Are Established

In order to be eligible for unemployment, first a person must certify that he or she lost employment due to economic reasons. These include business layoffs, closures, or downsizing. Second, the business must have been paying into the unemployment fund in Tennessee. Third, the person filing for unemployment must be a Tennessee citizen or hold a valid work permit. Each state handles their own unemployment benefits.

Not Eligible for Unemployment

Eligibility for unemployment does not include losing a job due to firing. It also does not include persons who lose their job due to loss of child care.

Former Service Members and Former Federal Workers

Eligibility for unemployment benefits in Tennessee does not extend to former federal employees or former service members. However, there are benefits available to them. Tennesseans who are former federal employees and former service members should contact the Tennessee Department of Labor to find out what benefits are available to them.

Filing Tennessee Regular or Extended Unemployment

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development handles unemployment claims. Their website is www.tn.gov/labor and the unemployment registration is available at ui.tn.gov.

You can also call 1-877-813-0950 toll free to file for benefits or to find out about extended weekly unemployment eligibility. Nashville area residents should call 253-0800. There are 15 career centers statewide as well as 45 affiliated sites where you can get help when filing for regular or extended unemployment benefits.

Maintaining Weekly Unemployment Benefits

Once approved, a person must check in with the system via the TIPS line each week. By certifying they are unemployed but actively seeking a position, they can continue to receive their benefits. The Nashville TIPS line is 615-532-1800. For those outside the Nashville area, the number is 1-800-689-9799. Outside Tennessee, you can call 1-800-262-8094.

Extended Weekly Unemployment Eligibility in Tennessee

Once benefits are exhausted, a person can meet extended weekly unemployment eligibility rules. The federal government has ended some extended benefits. For instance, an additional $25 a week payment has ended.

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