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South Dakota Extended Unemployment

With the economy in the present state of turmoil, many jobless people in South Dakota are struggling to maintain financial security. This difficulty can increase exponentially when their unemployment benefits expire if they've been long term unemployed.

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds announced extended unemployment benefits for out of work South Dakota residents will be extended for up to an additional 14 weeks. These benefits were effective July 6, 2008, as an outcome of a federally funded program.

The South Dakota Department of Labor (SDDOL) calculates roughly 1,300 workers have tapped out their regular unemployment benefits and may be entitled to the additional benefits. Claimants who began regular state unemployment claims at any time since May 8, 2006, and who are now unemployed and not receiving regular unemployment compensation may be entitled for the extra payments.

With the new extended unemployment compensation signed by Congress, those eligible for extended unemployment compensation (EUC) will receive an extension of 14 additional weeks of benefits. If you're a claimant who has exhausted their EUC claim, you will be contacted by the Unemployment Information Center via mail and will then need to contact the UI Call Center at 605.626.3179 to restore their claim. Those who have not yet filed an EUC application need to get in touch with the UI Call Center at 605.626.3179 to request initial EUC benefits and begin a claim.

The number of weeks that may be paid to unemployed workers will not go up with the extension, and those who run out of their regular claims after the set date won't be eligible unless Congress extends the current timetable.

If you are currently receiving regular unemployment benefits, you will be contacted by the UI Division when those benefits are close to ending. After being notified, they should contact at 605.626.3179 for the extension and there's no required waiting week to file for the extension.

Qualifications for additional benefits are determined by the claimant's current employment status and certain other eligibility requirements. Benefits on extended claims will be paid at the exact same rate the worker collected on their initial claim, and the weekly maximum payment is $285.

If claimants have questions or concerns, they should call the unemployment offices at 605.626.2452.

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