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Filing for Unemployment Benefits in South Dakota

In today's uncertain economic times it can be a real challenge to maintain your financial security if you unexpectedly find yourself unemployed. Unemployment benefits can be a valuable resource provided to South Dakota residents who qualify under state and Federal guidelines.

To determine whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits you should file a claim during the first week after you lose your job or suffer a cut in hours, as delays may result in lower benefits. In filing for unemployment you should contact the South Dakota's Department of Labor by filing online at which allows you to file your claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 If you would prefer to file by phone call (605)626.3179 on Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. (CST). Filers who have hearing or speech impediments should call 800.877.1113. If you live in South Dakota but worked in a different state you must file an interstate claim by calling 605.626.3179. As a rule our phones are busiest on Monday, so you may receive faster service by calling on a day later in the week if possible.

Filing for unemployment benefits by phone is usually faster than other methods, in fact it may never be necessary for you to physically appear in an unemployment office. Benefits you can expect to receive from unemployment programs include receiving the South Dakota Unemployment Survival Guide. This guide will give you advice offered by experts on ways you can better handle your finances, lower your expenses and includes helpful tips on ways to make money while unemployed. Please be aware that any cash benefits you receive from unemployment are taxable.

While the South Dakota Department of Labor will show you how to collect benefits, it is important to have all your information on hand before you file. Be prepared to state your Social Security number, your employment history for the past 18 months and the reason you left your job. Non U.S. citizens will need their alien registration number. Be sure to have the full name and address of your employer and any written documentation of your dismissal.

Dealing with unemployment can certainly be both a financial and emotional strain. The South Dakota Department of Labor stands ready to aid you in obtaining all of the unemployment benefits for which you qualify and to help you to achieve your future career goals.

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