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File and Collect South Dakota Unemployment

This is a tough economic time for everyone, but it can become even harder if you find yourself out of work without warning. For those of you who are unemployed here's how to file for unemployment in South Dakota.

You can file a claim to collect unemployment insurance benefits either by telephone through the call center (605.626.3179 or 800.877.1113 for hearing or speech impaired) or online by visiting All claims are advised to be filed during the first week that you become unemployed. Any hold up could cost you benefits.

The information you need to have ready when you file includes:

  • Your Social Security number
  • The contacts of all your employers for the last year and a half
  • Dates of employment
  • Why you left each job
  • If in the military during the last year and a half, you need a copy DD214 to mail to the unemployment center
  • If not a US citizen, your alien registration number.

A weekly certification needs to be filed for every week during which you are applying for benefits and can be filed online or over the telephone (you'll need a touch-tone phone to access the system).

All applicants must have a personal identification number (PIN) for use of the automated telephone system. You will create your PIN number, which is a four-digit number you choose, when you file initially. Never give your PIN out to anyone, as it counts as your electronic signature.

If your weekly certification is not filed within one week, you must call 605.626.2452 and file with them. It may or may not be paid, and counts as a "late filed" certification.

If you file online, confirmation that your certification has been accepted is required. Logging off before receiving confirmation means that your certification has not been filed and you'll be required to re-file your weekly certification for the week that you are claiming unemployment benefits. If filing by telephone, do not hang up until you hear that your certification has been recorded or you will need to call back and re-file your unemployment benefits claim.

Payments are processed within two business days of the date you file. You will be notified if there is a matter in question that may prevent payment from being processed. For questions and concerns, please call 605.626.2452. No benefits will be issued until an issue has been settled.

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