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Applying for Weekly Unemployment Benefits in South Dakota

To find yourself unexpectedly unemployed in today's struggling economy can be a real source of financial and emotional stress. The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation is ready to help you through this challenging time by helping you file a weekly unemployment claim for any weekly unemployment benefits you are entitled to under South Dakota law and Federal guidelines. This program is financed by payroll taxes on South Dakota employers.

You can claim weekly unemployment benefits if you have lost your job involuntarily and have not been fired for just cause. Weekly claim for unemployment benefits provide you with the financial aid you need plus help in searching for new employment. The size of your weekly unemployment check will range between $28 to $285. Your check is subject to taxation, so you may want to have Federal income taxes withheld from your check to avoid future problems.

 It is best to file to claim weekly unemployment benefits as soon as possible, because benefits are not retroactive and it can take a few weeks before you get your first check.

To qualify for benefits you must have been employed by a company required by South Dakota law to pay the unemployment insurance tax. You can file a claim for weekly unemployment benefits online, anytime day or night, at our website at If you prefer to register for weekly unemployment benefits by phone, you may call 605.626.3179 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. (CST).

If you have hearing or speech difficulties call 800.877.1113. Because of the large number of calls we typically receive on Mondays, calling on another day of the week may ensure faster service.

Before contacting us online or by phone to claim your weekly unemployment benefits you should have on hand your Social Security number, the names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone you have worked for in the past 18 months plus the dates you were employed. You may be asked the reasons why you left your job and if you were in the military during the past 18 months you must mail or deliver to us your DD214 form.

Unemployment weekly claim benefits can make a world of difference in how you cope with being unemployed. The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation stands ready to do everything possible to make your transition to new employment as quick as possible.

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