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South Carolina Weekly Unemployment Application

Many Americans are still struggling in this economy having lost their jobs. This may have left you in a situation where you wish to file weekly unemployment. If you wish to claim weekly unemployment in South Carolina, you must file a weekly claim for unemployment. You cannot claim weekly unemployment until you have first registered for work in the state of South Carolina. If an out of state resident and you wish to claim weekly unemployment, you must first register for work in the state you currently reside. You may then file your weekly unemployment claim with the state of South Carolina. This must be done within two weeks of filing your weekly unemployment claim. If living in South Carolina, you may register online at

After the initial sign up for unemployment weekly, you must file a claim once a week for benefits. Register online at Set up a user name and password to gain access to your information when needed.

 Once signed up, you may then file your weekly claim online. After registration online, you may wish to file your weekly unemployment claim by telephone. You will call into the TelClaim System. You will need a touch-tone phone, your social security number and a PIN. This is your Personal Identification Number. It is a 4-digit number that is easy for you to remember. Call in and follow the recorded prompts for information. South Carolina residents can call 1.866.831.1724 (toll free) from 4:00 a.m. until midnight. Non-residents of SC may call 1.866.831.1725. When you call in your claim, the TelClaim System will request your Social Security number and your PIN. Listen carefully to the instructions.

You will then give your social security number and your 4-digit PIN number. You will be asked three to four questions concerning whether you have earned any income in the previous week and have you been searching for employment. Keep a record of all those jobs you have contacted during the week. This is in case it is needed later as proof that you have been searching for employment. Do not hang up until TelClaim says, “Your claim has been accepted.” Do not hang up until you are sure you’ve answered all the questions correctly.

If filing is complete, you will then be told that your claim has been filed for that week. You must file weekly if you want to receive weekly unemployment claim benefits.

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