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South Carolina Extended Unemployment

As the United States continues to face a debt crisis and a stagnant banking system, unemployment again takes a front seat both politically and economically as the jobless rates all over the nation reach the highest points that they have in months. In South Carolina especially, long term unemployment benefits are the only thing standing between many people and complete upheaval of their entire lives.

However, the Obama administration has responded to the problems with expedience, if nothing else. Extended unemployment eligibility in South Carolina, as well as all over the nation, seems to be a certainty as leaders from both sides of the aisle see, that their constituencies, no matter who they are, all are hurting badly from the economic pullback of recent months.

South Carolina extended unemployment is one of the easiest to get. The first thing to know is whether you as a South Carolina resident are eligible for extended unemployment benefits.

This can be done fairly easily by checking the part of the state web site dedicated to unemployment and the subsequent benefits ( to see the exact rules and regulations about extended unemployment and long term unemployment benefits. While being one of the long term unemployed is hard, South Carolina has made itself available to those residents who are truly looking for work.

The other parts of the web site are dedicated to getting you the correct forms and having them sent to the correct places. As with many other states, and South Carolina are more than willing to help; what they need more than anything is written proof that you are continuing to look for work while receiving unemployment benefits.

Those who work for themselves or run a company are also eligible for unemployment benefits under certain circumstances. No matter your situation, you should give a look to see if you are eligible for the widely extended unemployment benefits of the federal government.

Many economic experts say that the average citizen should not be ashamed to take unemployment, because it is not a free handout. Unemployment benefits are paid for by unemployment insurance, which is taken out of the check of every working man weekly along with federal and state taxes.

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