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Online Unemployment Services in South Carolina

In a struggling economy, financial security can be hard to come by for the unemployed. South Carolina's unemployment services online can help you access resources designed to help you build a strong resume and get back to work. Online unemployment filing need not be confusing or difficult. The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce's unemployment service online is fairly easy to navigate. Online unemployment filing can not only speed up your claim, unemployment services online are more efficient. Using the unemployment services online at is both easier and quicker than previous systems.

The first step in filing for online unemployment is submitting your initial claim. You can also register for work easily and automatically when you file your initial claim. Once your initial claim is filed, you will receive a notice detailing your wages from all covered employers during your base period. Once it has been determined that your wages qualify you for benefits you will have established a benefit year.

You need only register for work once, and it must be done within two weeks of filing your initial claim for unemployment online. This can be done at South Carolina Virtual OneStop (VOS), either from your home computer or at one of the Department of Employment and Workforce's offices. You will be required to make four job contacts per week and record them on Form UCB-303, which can be found under the Details & Fine Points tab in the Understanding Claims Processes section of the DEW's website.

To remain eligible and receive weekly benefits you must file your weekly claim for online unemployment. The DEW now offers a new filing option. The Pay Order Card (POC) allows you to receive your benefits faster and saves time by allowing you to file your weekly claim for unemployment online instead of through the mail or in person.

Using DEW's unemployment service online allows you to access resources that can help you understand how unemployment claims processes work, seek employment and educational opportunities, explore financial aid options, find information on benefits eligibility, file for weekly benefits online, check your benefit payment status, set up automatic benefits deposits, and use your downtime to sharpen your work skills. The unemployment service online can also help you find links and resources concerning Social Security, transportation, educational enhancement, legal assistance, and healthcare.

South Carolina's online unemployment service is designed to make online unemployment filing as simple and efficient as possible. If you follow these steps you should have no difficulty completing your claim for unemployment online, and taking the first step toward restoring your financial security.

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