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File and Collect South Carolina Unemployment

Have you recently lost your job? As our economy still struggles, you may find yourself out of work with no income. Should you file for unemployment? How can you collect unemployment? What is involved in filing unemployment and how do you file for unemployment? Here you will learn how to collect unemployment in South Carolina. Unemployment filing can be done online.

All SC residents must first register for work in South Carolina. You may register online here If you are living in another state but wish to file a claim for SC Unemployment, you must register for work in the state you presently reside at the time of first unemployment filing. You must register within two weeks of filing your first claim. When you register for work, you gain access to benefits, special services and employment.

You may go to to begin your understanding of filing unemployment claims. The online services will walk you through the process of what is involved in filing for unemployment. Once you file your initial claim for unemployment, you will receive notice with any wages you’ve earned through a covered employer. A base period that you have worked is established of earnings. The state will determine if you have earned enough wages on your last job to file for unemployment.

Register at Create an account. After you do this you can log in to your account and check on your unemployment status. You can also call in your claim on the South Carolina TelClaim System. The South Carolina number is 1.866.831.1724. This is toll free. If you no longer live in the state and want to file a claim, call 1.866.831.1725. You will need a touch-tone phone and know your Social Security Number.

 When registering, you will be asked to give a personal identification number for yourself. This is called your PIN. You need to have this PIN number as well when you try to collect unemployment. You need to listen carefully to the instructions given over the phone. Answer each question on your keypad on your touch-tone phone. Do not hang up until the TelClaim says, “Your claim has been accepted.” If you hang up before you get this message or get disconnected, you must begin the calling process all over again to file unemployment. If you follow these directions, you will find it is not too hard to file and collect South Carolina unemployment.

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