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Benefits of Filing for South Carolina Unemployment

If you are unemployed and struggling financially in the state of South Carolina you may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits. Filing for unemployment in South Carolina is a relatively simple process, which is rather helpful considering the stress that often comes along with losing your job and experiencing financial difficulties.

The exact benefits you can expect from unemployment compensation in South Carolina will vary based on factors such as your wages and how long you were employed.

If you are interested in learning whether or not you qualify and how to collect benefits for unemployment, first log onto the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) at Choose the "Claimants" tab near the top of the page and select one of the links from the drop down menu.

The "Understanding Claims Processes" link will outline instructions as to how to file an initial claim, how to register for work, which is mandatory in South Carolina, and how to file your weekly claims.

Filing for unemployment can also be done in person at one of the state's unemployment centers or via telephone using the DEW's convenient TelClaim system. To find the center closest to you, log into the SC Works center directory page at where you will find a list of the state's 56 Work Centers. Addresses, hours, and telephone numbers for each center are also listed.

To file for South Carolina unemployment benefits by telephone, residents of the state should use a touchtone phone and call 1-866-831-1724 from 4:00 am until midnight. Non-residents of the state should call 1-866-831-1725 during the same hours.

When filing by telephone you will need your Social Security number, information regarding your employment, and a personal identification number that you will choose.

If you qualify, one of the benefits you can expect from unemployment compensation in the state is the ability to receive automatic deposits into your bank account instead of cashing a paper check.

South Carolina unemployment benefits also include access to a wealth of resources concerning enhancing and furthering your education, Social Security information, and assistance with healthcare, legal matters, and transportation needs.

For answers to questions about how to collect benefits for unemployment in South Carolina, how to extend your benefits, a process which must be done in person at one of the workforce centers, or for information in general, contact the DEW's General Information number at 803-737-2400.

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